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Of course, the instructions are dull and uninteresting. Still, if you want to learn something new, for example, a technique of shooting amazing portraits or taking macro pictures, you would browse the web till you’ll find a right guide. Here is a point of this article, we want to alleviate the hardships of others and happy to share with you 10 awesome how-to’s. They will surely help you to learn to shoot fire, beach sunsets, pets, portraits, street photography, winter landscapes and much more.

Today’s collection wasn’t created in one day. It was properly chosen from the bookmarks that I have been collecting for a long time. When you’re passionate about anything, for example photography, you always have some useful stuff in your bookmarks. I’m more than happy to present you ten awesome brief instructions that will satisfy the most demanding person.

1. Tips From the Pros: How to Shoot the Olympics

Tips From the Pros: How to Shoot the Olympics

You have a unique chance to learn how to shoot sportsmen from the top five world’s Olympic sports photographers. In this article they share their tricks and techniques on achieving photographic gold. There are nine pictures with a brief description that will tell you how to shoot sportsmen correctly. You’ll also find a story of each sportsman and his life statements there.

2. How to Photograph Fire

How to Photograph Fire

There is a well-known saying that states that you can watch three things endlessly: water, fire and other people working. Fire is an interesting thing. Including flame in a photo can have a strong impact. Hopefully, you will find out how such kind of pictures are done and create your own fire photography in this write-up. All tips are confirmed by examples, so learn and get inspired at the same time.

3. How to Become a Photographer: The Natural Way

How to Become a Photographer: The Natural Way

Do you want to become a pro photographer? It’s a sincere story of the marketing manager of Photodoto Blog. But how can you run a photography blog and be successful in it unless you love to shoot pictures, correct? So, he started learning photography and you can follow the blog to see his progress. This post seems to be a start of the great story. It’s extremely useful for beginners.

4. Photographing Pets – How to Get Started

pet Photography

What do you think, your pets are cuter than your kids? It’s a really tough question. If you’re going to shoot pets, this guide is definitely what you need. One more thing, your puppy won’t mind to be photographed for a ling time, I think it will be more than happy to pose for you. All the shooting process is a great game for your pets. So, read the article to learn more on this topic.

5. 7 Bright Ways How to Shoot Street Photography at Night

7 Bright Ways How to Shoot Street Photography at Night

Photographing at night is quite difficult, isn’t it? Once Van Gogh said that in his opinion night is more alive and richly colored than the day. This principle can be applied to the street photography as well. Lots of people are naturally afraid to shoot at night due to worries that their camera can be stolen. It all depends on our thoughts. But don’t be afraid, let your curiosity lead you to capturing amazing pictures.

6. How to Create a Sense of Depth to Your Photos

After learning this post you’ll know for sure how to add a sense of depth to your photographs, make them alive and more interesting. You can make your image pop following a few simple rules.  In order to maintain a realistic appeal the sense of depth in a scene needs to be preserved. You’ll find all needed information about perspective, framing, depth of field and much more in the article.

7. How to Control Your Camera Exposure


If you really want good shots than take good exposures. As the light is a main determining factor in a photograph, so controlling it will determinate the output of your camera. Good exposure is a key component  to great photography, therefore you need to pay a proper attention to it, unless you want your images to be vastly dark or overly bright. You can learn more on this particular topic in the article.

8. Photo Gallery: How to Take Macro Pictures

How to Take Macro Pictures

Macro photography can yield unique and rewarding results with its emphasis on detail and texture. This gallery helps you to learn what makes an amazing shot and get some tips on how to turn your image into a true masterpiece.

9. How to Take Excellent Portrait Photos

How to Take a Black and White Photo

You know that a portrait is a representation of a person. It shows real emotions and true nature. These days photography is the most recognized way of taking a portrait. In this article you’ll get simple techniques that will help you to take portraits as well as self-portraits. There is also a stunning showcase of portraits in the end of the article for your inspiration.

10. Winter landscape photography: how to compose and expose any scene

Winter is on its way, so it’s time to learn some tips on how to take winter landscape shots. Extreme contrast and highly reflective surfaces are confusing if you have not shot pictures in winter yet. This infographic will take you step-by-step through how to compose for winter landscapes and how to fine tune your exposure for snow and bright sky.

All these tips are intended not for the beginners only, but for the pros as well. If you have found something new and useful here, kindly let us know in the comment field below.

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