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What can be more inspiring than nature? If looking for inspiration in your own photography or design, why not take a crack at taking a picture of the subject that never complains or blinks? Nature is all around, but capturing it can be difficult. To help, we have gathered ten sites where you can find amazing images of nature at her best. While the following websites are not too visually appealing, we can assure you that the images on them are!

1. National Geographic

A leader in many things, they also have top notch nature photography. You can get images from foreign terrains to exotic animals all on one site. They also have a Photo of the Day, galleries, and even photo tips.

2. Nature Photo Magazine

Want to check out a professional nature photographer but don’t know where to start? Then click here for a gallery of eleven different pro’s. They not only share amazing images but practical tips as well

3. Outdoor Photographer

Similar to the above, you can find top notch photo galleries on nature here. There are over 20 to choose from.

4. Nature Magazine

This site is dedicated to all things nature. Check out the special section with items such as protecting nature, the Continental Divide, and even wildlife in Mexico, and much more.

5. Nature Photographers

Get an amazing database of online photo galleries of nature with a visit here. They have expert entries on everything from flora to animals. Blue Palo Verde and Tangled Color are of special interest. There are even other resources such as a how-to section, tips for gear, and even a blog.

6. Discover Wildlife

Just as the title promises, this site helps everyone get a better look at nature from their desktops. They have many galleries to choose from, as well as tips and techniques, a masterclass, and photo contest.

7. Bill Atkinson

Sick of looking at all these mainstream photos? Then check out the site of a private nature photographer like Bill Atkinson. He has loads of galleries that look more like art work than real life nature photos. The flower portraits are especially not to be missed.

8. Joe Decker

His site may be titled Rock Slide Photography, but there is much more to it. In addition to amazing images of rock formations, you can see much more of the great outdoors here. Joe also has his own blog with more.

9. John E. Marriott

He specializes in nature photography in Canada. Get impressive images on everything from the native wildlife to the Northern lights.

10. Stephen Kirkpatrick

If interested in photography that features wildlife only, stop here. Stephen has many galleries to choose from including deers, exotic birds, wild animals, and amazing panoramas.

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