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With the help of wide range of cellphone devices and smartphones, you can now carry a device which almost resemble like a computer in your pocket. The fact is that these high end cell phone devices people use come with few flaws. Unlike a PC or laptop, you are at risk to some of the lethal viruses and other malicious type of spyware waiting to wreck all havoc. To get rid of this problem you need to carry a number of preventive measurements to enjoy a flawless experience while using these cell phone devices. With these methods you can prevent any kind of data loss or theft from your cell phone device. The following tips will help you to free your cell phone devices from the viruses.

1. Always check the reviews:

Whenever you are downloading any application, make sure you check the reviews first and then move on. Any application which is reported with any virus can be easily be found out from its review on various websites and forums. If a majority of these reviews give you negative feedback about any application you are looking forward to install in your device, it’s better to avoid the same.

2. Check the permission list:

Before you download any application, make sure you go through the permission list which discusses the number of things the app is capable of doing and the things it can’t. If you see anything confusing or suspicious over this list, then better have a research about this application and then install it over your cellphone.

3. Install an Anti-Virus:

Despite going in a conscious way, you can have a virus in your application you download. Hence it is always recommended to have an updated antivirus like Lookout which will help you to get away from the virus. You can find a number of free and paid anti-virus app available on the internet, you just have to install on your cell phone device.


4. Keep your anti-virus updated:

Just installing one anti-virus will not suffice; you need to keep it updated on a regular basis. Hence make sure you set your phone to check the required updates the moment you connect to internet.

5. Scan properly and regularly:

Make sure you keep on scanning your cell phone on a frequent basis to get away from the threatening files. Once you do this, restart your cell phone and then scan it again to ensure that there are no such damaging files inside your cell phone.

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