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Finding an effective calendar plugin for WordPress, isn’t easy. This is where we come in and help. You clearly need a functional calendar plugin with multiple options. So we decided to select the best premium calendar plugins for you to check out.

Every plugin listed below is from CodeCanyon, which is a big marketplace for all sort of plugins. The authors behind these plugins are pros at what they do. Why is this important? Considering many free WordPress plugins out there are complete crap, you’ll simply waste your time and probably get little to no support. If you purchase a premium WordPress plugin, you’re guaranteed a plugin that works and swift support from the creator.

When I first started out with WordPress, I was a cheap bastard. I would always stay away from buying plugins and spend my entire time finding the perfect free plugin. This consisted of me trying out various plugins, figuring out all the setting for every one and then deciding which one worked the best. Even thou the plugins were free, I failed to realize that my time spent on finding an ok solution was time wasted.

Time = Money. Therefore I was wasting money in order to save money, which didn’t make any logical sense. I learned this a while back and will never make the same mistake again. Without a doubt there are so many awesome free plugins for WordPress, I use many free plugins myself. However when I need something done right, I don’t have the time to play patty cake. I need a good premium plugin from a trusted seller that will solve my problem.

Below you’ll find a handful of great calendar plugins for WordPress. One of them is bound to fit your exact needs.

Calendarize it!


Calendarize it was designed for general use. This means that it has a rich set of features, and if you purchase it, you will likely find multiple ways to use it. You can easily customize the look of the calendar by changing the font and background. You can also create boxes for events to display on the calendar. There are add-ons available that can further increase the calendar’s functionality. You can also try this calendar out before you purchase it.

Buy $25



This calendar has a simple, minimalistic design. It’s also very responsive and displays well on mobile devices. You can easily set events on the calendar, and you can choose any color you would like for the event. You can also change the look of the calendar itself by manipulating the CSS. You can’t go wrong with this calendar, since it’s both easy to use and nice to look at. If you want additional functionality, there are add-ons available.

Buy $20

Booking System PRO


This is a good calendar plugin to use if you are taking reservations for something, like a restaurant or a hotel. You can manipulate the CSS template to customize the calendar. Booking System PRO also lets you have booking information for groups. PayPal is integrated with this system, so you can easily withdraw your money. Lastly, this plugin has support for multiple languages. To get an idea if this calendar and booking system is right for you, you can watch several demos and try a live preview.

Buy $25

WordPress Events Calendar


This calendar is a nice choice for someone looking for a clean, simple calendar to share events. You can easily list and display events for any day. You can select a day to look at by clicking on a date at the top of the calendar. The day of the week and date are displayed in large leaders with the events underneath. The calendar looks great in all browsers and can be thoroughly customized.

Buy $10

WordPress Pro Event Calendar


This calendar is an extension of the WordPress Events Calendar. It retains its elegance and simplicity and adds new support for professionals. Users can add events to the calendar. The calendar is as easy to customize as the old version, but also has a light and dark skin version. Events pop out on the calendar, since they are shaded vertically. Viewers can toggle between monthly and daily views. There’s also a search feature, which allows users to search through all calendar events.

Buy $15

BookingWizz for WordPress


BookingWizz is an online reservation system. This plugin allows BookingWizz users to integrate their BookingWizz with their WordPress. To do so, users must already have a BookingWizz subscription. The calendar widget has a very minimalistic design. Viewers can look at a monthly view of the website. Days when reservations can be made are indicated by a different color from no-reservation days. There are add-ons for this plugin to add functionality.

Buy $15

WordPress Multiple Events Calendar with Countdown


This calendar has a lot of skins, including blue and grunge. You can choose a skin to match your WordPress site. You can change the animation that users see as they scroll through months in your calendar. The calendar can be translated to different languages other than English. There is also a countdown timer. This is a nice feature as it can easily remind you and your visitors that an event is approaching.

Buy $12

Timetable for WordPress

Timetable for WordPress

Some calendars become cluttered if you have too many events on one day. This is not the case for this plugin. This plugin allows users to create programs from multi-day events. These programs can be printed easily. This is ideal for events like music festivals and conferences.

Buy $25

3C-Events: WordPress All-in-One Event Calendar


This plugin offers a robust calendar experience. Users can select to use a mini calendar, a big calendar, or an events list. The calendar can be customized by selecting one of five colors: orange, green, grey, blue, or red. One unique feature that this calendar has is support for Google Maps. This can be useful if you are planning an event and want to be able to show viewers where it will take place.

Buy $15

WP Booking Calendar

WP Booking Calendar

This plugin is another reservation booking system calendar. An admin creates events and users can sign up for them. The user can scroll over the days in the calendar to view times possible for reservations. On the calendar, the days have a note indicating how many reservations are possible for that day. There are a bunch of settings that you can choose from in creating your calendar, and you can create a bunch of different calendars with different settings. PayPal is integrated into this widget.

Buy $15

If you’re a business owner, you may find a calendar that allows you to manage reservations useful. If you are a blogger, you may find a minimalistic, elegant calendar more suiting. If you’re not sure exactly what you want, the good news is that many of these plugins allow you to try before you buy.

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