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Are you in college, but haven’t picked a major yet? Don’t worry, you’ve got some time (don’t take too long though). However, there are some degrees you might want to think at least two times about before picking them. Degree holders graduating from programs in architecture, the liberal arts, the social sciences, and fine arts are less likely to find a job with their degree than individuals who chose degrees for fields such as engineering, computer science, health, and business.

If you are considering a degree in the former category, you should also consider whether you love that subject enough to risk close to double-digit unemployment rates and not being able to find a job when you graduate. If not, you’re probably better off getting an education in another field, one where you can find regular employment. College is expensive, and if you’ve taken out loans, you’re going to need a job to pay them back.

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Source: Best Degree Programs

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Posted by Igor Ovsyannykov

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  1. TiredofPoorJournalism February 7, 2013 at 6:15 pm

    Don’t take college major advice from people who have little experience under them. Go to some reliable sources. Computer related security is here to stay. I have never turned down a resume due to the type of major, I turned them down or approved them based on the overall picture of the applicant and my needs. Some majors are more useful in some positions than others, but generally a college degree tells me you can learn to do what ever may be needed.

  2. Since the person who wrote this needs to proofread the paragraph on American Studies, I don’t think I’ll be taking job advice from them.

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