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The internet can be a very fascinating place and you really never know what you’re going to get. By using viral video curation websites, you can easily find the latest viral videos and watch them before your friends get the chance.


1. BestOfYouTube

The BestOfYouTube is one of the most commonly used viral curation sites online. By visiting the website, you’ll find the latest viral videos. The site is extremely easy to navigate but lacks substance. It is impossible to browse videos based on categories or genres.

2. Devour

While many curation websites rely on computer generated robots to find their videos, Devour is completely different. Each video on Devour has been hand picked by ingenious minds. Another plus of Devour is that most of the videos are viewable in HD and many are available on mobile devices.

3. ClipADay

Look at the name. You get the point right? Clip A Day is a a website that selects the top viral videos and organizes them into specific categories for each accessibility. The site’s random video clip option is a very exciting way to find viral videos in a flash.

4. ReTelly

When it comes to accessibility and design, ReTelly is head and shoulders above its competitors. With ReTelly, it is possible to find viral videos based on a number of different categories including genres, length of the video and the most popular videos of the week. The website is extremely easy to navigate which makes it easy to find the exact viral video you’re looking for.

5. RightThisMinute

RightThisMinute has a group of experts who constantly scour through internet videos to delicately select future viral videos. With RightThisMinute, you’ll find popular videos that are soon to go viral. Whether you’re looking for videos that are important, educational or downright hilarious, you’ll find them here.

6. Wimp

While the video curation website, Wimp, may look like a wimp, it is anything but. What the website lacks in fancy graphics and over the top design, it makes up for with ease of access and constantly updated videos. Of course, Wimp is a little different and might even catch you off guard, by forcing you to select videos by only relying on the video’s title. Wimp delivers an “open the door and see what awaits you inside” kind of experience.

7. ClassicViralVideos

With ClassicViralVideos, you’ll receive an old school experience. While the website’s design and layout is perfectly suited for today’s internet world, the website’s content is classic, hence the name. ClassicViralVideos allows you to experience the golden days of the internet. The videos mentioned on this website are generally already viral and have most likely already received one million or more views.

8. VideoSift

While most video curation websites tend to focus solely on displaying videos, VideoSift is a community all by itself. Everything on the website is generated and selected by members of the community. In operation since 2006, VideoSift has stood the test of time by allowing visitors to interact and control the website’s content. The website’s forum is another way to find viral videos, read outlandish comments and generally have a good time.

9. VideoBash

VideoBash is a total blast and strives on providing visitors with a good laugh. The website was created by people just you, who are looking for funny videos to share with their friends. Now their obsession has gone global and people from all around the world are taking part. While browsing the website, you can easily view videos based on a specific genre, whether animation or animals. Of course, VideoBash is more than just a video website, you can also explore pictures and have a blaster playing games within the site’s virtual arcade. Play the most popular games and attempt to beat the high scores of your buddies.

10. Reddit Videos

While other websites are responsible for video hosting and streaming and showing off viral videos, Reddit Videos is the birthplace of viral videos. When you first visit Reddit Videos, you’ll be blown away by the number of individuals who participate on the website. All content is selected and voted on by members of the community. Their no holds barred comment section is extremely entertaining and keeps old videos entertaining.

11. Popular on YouTube

Wouldn’t it be nice, if you could view all of the hottest YouTube videos without having to actually leave YouTube? This is exactly what you get with the Popular Videos channel on YouTube. Videos are organized by genre and sorted based on their views and popularity.

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