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Every entrepreneur knows the value of having original ideas and wanting to develop them from the creativity stage to the production stage. It can be a challenge any way you look at it. Even the most brilliant people sometimes have difficulty dealing with the pressures that result from trying to do everyday tasks while keeping larger goals in mind.

If you take the necessary steps to stay focused and motivated, you should have the energy to work more efficiently and make your dreams become reality.

Here are 11 ways to stay motivated about reaching your goals.

1. Plan and Organize

Plan and Organize

Start with a plan. Think big. Be original. When considering your ideas, use your imagination and stay positive when thinking about your plan. If you don’t have a plan, find someone else who will help you make a plan for your business. There are numerous resources online for putting together your business plan and learning various ways to market your business successfully.

2. Pick Your Priorities

Even the best business idea needs to have a set of established priorities that go along with it. You simply have to make a list of the things that are important to you, so you can establish a framework for everything else you want to do.

3. Make Connections

What could be more important that finding the right people to help you realize your goals? You will need experienced business advisers (preferably not family members) for support. Reach out to other people in your industry who have the knowledge and experience you can learn from. Good personal connections can make or break your business, and are just as important as taking into consideration who your target audience is and finding out how to meet their needs with your product.

4. Outline Your Big Goals

To have a dream about what you want to do is not enough. Decide what your largest goals are, and why you want to reach them. Study what similar businesses are doing.  You can figure out the how of accomplishing your goals later. Just knowing what your big goals are is a good place to start.

5. Set Small Goals

Set Small Goals

Even the loftiest of goals should be broken down into a smaller set of goals, that are practical.  After you list the larger goals, you must take into consideration which smaller goals you will work on to get you headed in the right direction so you can eventually get where you want to go.

6. Collaborate with others

Never forget the value of tapping into the talents of others. You need other people to do anything you want to do. Entrepreneurs are usually not loners; They are generally good at building relationships. The more you realize the value of relationships, the more likely you will be to succeed.

7. Gain Feedback

Criticism is something that most of us do not enjoy getting, but it is a necessary part of growth. How can you improve what you are doing unless you know what your problems are?  You need to take a look at the mistakes you may have made, so you can decide how to overcome any obstacles there are.

8. Record Progress

Keep a log outlining the progress of your business, from the idea stage to the productive stage. Create categories of ways you want to track progress and there are many kinds of software that will do it for you. You will find out quickly that it is essential to have a method for tracking progress for every aspect of your business. You should track your economic gains, and also keep tabs on your personal gains as well. And don’t be afraid to reward yourself for any goals reached and progress made.

9. Don’t Waste Time

One of the best habits you can develop is to take steps to avoid wasting time. Think of your time as a precious commodity that has tremendous value.  Before you begin a task, make a decision about how much time you will spend on it, and stick to your plan. This will help make you more productive. Set weekly as well as daily goals. Time is energy and your time that is spent efficiently is more likely to produce tangible results that you can see.

10. Keep Learning

Even the most successful people devise ways to continue their education. Learn as much as you can about your business field and your competitors. Expand your horizons. Take classes in subject areas where you may be lacking in expertise. There are many online opportunities for learning that cost very little. Or, if you need to work toward an online degree, you can find those opportunities too. Do what you need to do to be able to run  your business successfully.

11. Take Breaks

take breaks

Taking frequent breaks during your work day, is good for your brain.  Get up from the computer, do stretches, drink lots of water and walk as often as you can. Exercise is known to improve brainpower and reduce stress, so it benefits anyone. It may seem more productive to work for long hours on a project to get it done, when actually the smartest thing you can do is to take breaks often, so your mind is stimulated to produce fresh new ideas. Exercise also helps your ability to solve problems. When you reach the end of your day, make sure you have a peaceful place at home to unwind and relax.

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Karen Bresnahan is a journalist, photographer and artist from Boise, Idaho. She has a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Idaho and owns Idaho Naturals Photography and Desertscapes, KB Lifelines Positive Quotes, and Romantic Idaho Weddings. Karen enjoys writing about health and fitness, motivation, positive relationships, and many other topics. You can contact her at [email protected] or @idaho1111, or See more of her writing at Google plus.

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