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Rdio’s San Francisco Headquarters

Rdio’s San Francisco Headquarters4

Rdio’s San Francisco Headquarters3

Rdio’s San Francisco Headquarters1

Rdio’s San Francisco Headquarters

This is a music company based in San Francisco, CA. The company employs less than 150 people and yet they vow to make music fun again. Their offices have a design that is taken from their branding style. It has a contemporary yet industrial feel to it with steel and concrete flourishes all over the space.

Yelp’s London Office

Yelp’s London Office6

Yelp’s London Office5

Yelp’s London Office4

Yelp’s London Office1

Yelp’s London Office

Yelp is a popular review site where people can post reviews about restaurants, pubs etc. Their London office is designed to be an efficient and inspiring work place. It has a friendly, urban design that is still professional complete with two large open work spaces and an open kitchen. Music is played throughout the building. There are ping pong tables for the staff as well as a bevy of technology solutions. It also has formal offices at the back of the building.

Envato’s Melbourne Headquarters

Envato's Melbourne Headquarters7

Envato's Melbourne Headquarters5

Envato's Melbourne Headquarters4

Envato's Melbourne Headquarters3

Envato's Melbourne Headquarters1

Envato's Melbourne Headquarters

This is a privately held company that that is based in Australia. They specialize in the promotion, start-up, and operation of a number of online market places that excel in the trade of goods from independent sellers. Their offices are design to mirror the creativity of the company as it features, among others, abstract seating pods resembling a tree that grows through all three levels of the building. All in all, it has a very warm and innovative feel to it.

Medium’s San Francisco Offices

Medium’s San Francisco Offices7

Medium’s San Francisco Offices5

Medium’s San Francisco Offices4

Medium’s San Francisco Offices3

Medium’s San Francisco Offices2

Medium’s San Francisco Offices1

This company is a blogging platform that is based in San Francisco, CA. The whole office has an open plan with an airy feel to it. It almost looks like an industrial warehouse with its exposed walls, pipes, and ducts. And yet, everything looks very chic and put-together at the same time.

Mapbox’s San Francisco Offices

Mapbox’s San Francisco Offices4

Mapbox’s San Francisco Offices3

Mapbox’s San Francisco Offices2

Mapbox’s San Francisco Offices

This company is a cloud-based platform where users can go to design and publish interactive maps on the web. Their office in San Francisco features large open spaces with lots of polished wood, light, and comfortable furniture. They also have smattering of color in the form of contemporary artwork all over their offices.

Autodesk’s Beijing Office

Autodesk’s Beijing Office4

Autodesk’s Beijing Office

Autodesk’s Beijing Office2

Autodesk’s Beijing Office1

This is an American multinational software company that produces software for use in the fields of engineering, architecture, construction, media etc. Their office has bench-type work stations and very minimal furniture. They chose low-profile desks with no partitions to make communication easy among their staff. They rely on natural light for most of their lighting which results in lots of savings.

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