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As sad as it is, the economy is in terrible shape. The unemployment rate is pretty high and many people are in search of stability. What better way to cater to their needs, than providing a valuable job board resource!

Keep in mind that when creating your own job board website, you don’t have to take the shotgun approach. Catering to every single niche is extremely difficult and not to mention time-consuming. Instead, I suggest taking a sniper approach. Find a specific group of people that you want to benefit from your product.

The following WordPress themes and plugins will not only make your life easier, but will also provide you with flexibility. You no longer need to spend thousands of dollars on a complex website. We hope this roundup of job based WordPress themes will help you with your future project. Enjoy!

[heading color=”black”]High Quality WordPress Themes[/heading]

WordPress Job Board $119

JobPress converts the simple WordPress website into a full fledged job portal with tons of features including job and resumes management, job seekers and employers dashboards, featured listings, payment gateway, and much more. JobPress allows you to easily setup a website for your business and begin earning money right away. It is easy to customize and understand, and has been a successful job board model around the world for many years.

Demo | Download

JobHub $45

Create your own Job Board site easily in wordpress.

JobHub transforms your WordPress install into a fully functional Job Board website with complete backend administration. Easily manage free / paid job listing with tonnes of features. You’ll be online, selling job listing space, and accepting new resumes within minutes.

Demo | Download

Nine to Five $40

Nine to Five offers over 50 powerful features to allow you to setup the perfect jobs board with WordPress 3+, whatever your needs.

Demo | Download

Job Jockey $59

JobJockey is a premium WordPress application theme that will help you start your own job board with practically no effort. As your business grows, you’ll need to attract new talents and that won’t be easy. You’d be busy searching for talents but we can help with the technical stuff.

JobJockey is a cost-effective solution that handles job posting and application within a WordPress environment. Alternatively, you could use JobJockey to turn your website traffic into money by letting people post job vacancies and apply for those on your own WordPress-powered website.

Demo | Download

Job Board $65

It transforms your wordpress install into a fully functional Job Board website with complete backend administration. Easily manage free / paid job listing with tonnes of features.

Demo | Download

JobPress – Free

Jobpress is a very special theme from web2feel. I am very proud of it. I wanted to create a free Job board based on wordpress. I was not very sure of getting this done as a complete solution when I started. But what can I say, the WordPress community is so awesome, help is just a mouse click away when you need it.  With this theme you can host your own Job board for free. Registered users can submit job listings on your site and an admin can review and publish it.

Demo | Download



WPJobus is a robust 3-in-1 responsive WordPress theme, which you can use as a job board, personal resume, or a company profile website. You don’t depend on any additional 3rd party plugins which imply several limitations and, in some cases, additional costs. It’s all standalone and included in the theme.

Demo | Download

[heading color=”black”]Job Board Plugins[/heading]

Job Manager

A plugin for managing job lists and job applications on your WordPress site. It supports all the features you need to manage your organisation’s job openings.


Zartis Job Plugin – $9.95 a month

The easiest way to post jobs and manage applicants in a WordPress site. Connects with SmartRecruiters, the free Open SaaS recruiting software.


Job Manager by SmartRecruiters

The easiest way to post jobs and manage applicants in a WordPress site. Connects with SmartRecruiters, the free Open SaaS recruiting software.



The plugin allows you to build an online jobs/resume website, where the applicants will be able to search, update, add/remove or edit their resumes/profiles. This plugin is for standalone WordPress sites.


My Job Application

My Job Application is a WordPress plugin developed using PHP and MySQL. It provides a simple way of using the API feed in your WordPress blog. It also allows you to create a job database using your own job sources.


Job Listing

Allows you to create a fully customisable job board for your WordPress site. You will get an affiliate id which would give you commission for any employer who posts a job.


WordPress Jobbin – $15

Offer job listings on your site with Jobbin! Your users can add jobs or browse jobs apply via the suggested method. The administrator can approve/deny any job and controls publishing status. The plugin offers manual payment for several types of jobs: full time, part time, freelance, internship/apprenticeshipand work from home.


WpJobBoard – $99 a year

When using WPJobBoard you are not limited to just a job board or a blog, you can have BOTH. You can still have all the WordPress plugins, themes and features, keep your community – but add a professional job board!


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Posted by Igor Ovsyannykov

I'm a digital nomad and entrepreneur bouncing around South East Asia. When I'm not working here, I'm out taking photos. Follow me on Instagram: @igorovsyannykov


  1. I was looking at buying a job portal based theme,

    I have the
    following requirements, please let me know if they are met by any of your

    1. I have students all of whom can have a candidate login. Also, there
    would be potential employers for these students who will also have a
    login. Is there a restriction on the number of logins?

    2. Is there a restriction on the number of Job Postings that can be

    3. What is the licensing criteria in the case where in there would be
    multiple logins?
    4. Need to integrate to my existing website thats on WordPress, would
    there be support to help me with the installation of a second theme?

  2. Thank you so much for this list!!
    I am using JobEngine at this moment and feel really satisfied with its result.

    I am looking more articles related to this stuff.


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