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With a mounting focus on the environment, coupled with rising gas prices and a need for exercise, an increasing number of likeminded people are turning to a means of transport that is almost 200 years old and yet the height of modernisation: the bicycle.

While bikes solve all of the above problems, they do come with their own set of obstacles. Chief amongst them, particularly amongst the inner city crowd, is the matter of storage. Now, bikes certainly take up less space than a car, but unless you have a garage or are content to leave your bike parked in your front hallway, you’re going to need a bike rack of some description.

This is where things get exciting. Gone are the days of ugly metal contraptions suspended from the ceiling. The modern and artistic take on the bike rack can turn your 2-wheeler into a design feature.

For instance:

• An Australian based designer has come up with an interesting take on the typical bike rack. As part of his Picasso inspired “Upcycle Fetish” range, he has designed a range of bike racks resembling hunting trophies and constructed entirely from recycled bike parts.

• For those really short on space, a Swiss designer has created a piece of furniture that will store more than just your bike. The storage arrangement includes a space for your bike, as well as books, shoes or whatever else you can think of.

• Finally, for those fortunate enough to have a staircase, you can utilise the wasted space beneath by mounting bike racks on the underside of the stair treads and hanging your bike from there – apparently a standard staircase has room to hang 2 bikes.

Whatever your style, the following list of creative bike racks should be enough to both inspire and motivate…even if you don’t own a bike yet!

wall bike

abstract bike shelf

tiny bike rack

bike rack

Peri Bike Rack

bike rack


game bike rack

moletta bike shelf

bike valet

FIXA Bike Shelf by Chrome





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