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Imagery has long been held as a top priority for ecommerce sites. Nothing quite sends the inventory flying of the digital shelves like a high quality image depicting its use and/or aesthetic. Unfortunately, it’s easy for product images to get lost in the sheer numbers of duplicate pictures all over the web.

If you want your products to pop, you’ve got to get a little bit inventive with your inventory images.

Compiled here is a list of ecommerce sites that are doing imagery right. Their product pages are filled with interactive elements, ingenious angular arrangements, and innovative styles of presentation. Once gazed upon, these product images are known to elicit a common reaction among site visitors.

Namely, the retrieval of credit card numbers and a subsequent purchase.

Let’s dive right in and explore what makes these product images such powerful incentives for online shoppers.

Kristina Krogh’s Graphic Design Portfolio


This product page from Danish designer, Kristina Krogh, features two examples of her art adorning visually disparate settings. One decorating an office desk, illustrating its aesthetic value in a professional setting; and another showing a close-up of the design for a more curious eye.

Near, far, wherever you are… You’ve got a view of this artwork that’s sure to make your heart go on to the checkout page.


If there’s one thing you can call this product page, it’s comprehensive. It’s got everything: interactive zooming elements on the image, multiple angles, extreme close-ups, even an ultra-marathoner in mid-stride sporting a pair of these swanky sneaks. Creatively set, and beautifully rendered.


Less is more in this intentionally ambiguous product page. A standard set of pictorials showcases the shirt’s design and branding, while other images on the slider reveal unisexual functionality. The models look refreshingly real as well. Starving runway strutters aren’t always the best choice for the brand.

Martina Sperl Upholstery


Highly detailed images, interactive elements (the chair hypnotically shifts angles according to mouse movements) extreme close-ups, and an awkward angle montage portray a piece of furniture in a light much more unique than one might be accustomed.


Wooten continues to master minimalism with this tightly arranged slide show, which features more unexpected angles, and quirky arrangements. Stacking the shoes heel to tilted heal almost gives them a casual attitude of their own. Very cleverly done without a model to smirk alongside the product.

Hidden Socks Club


Minimalism reigns supreme again, with the simple sight of staggered socks. The now-familiar interactive “hover to zoom” image is accompanied by side text, and a few illustrated features below the image. While similar product images sit below the main offering to encourage cross-selling


The most unique thing about this product page is the model. A smart move since anything out-of-the-ordinary usually indicates a strong appeal to niche markets.  Three product images are available in two different viewing options. There’s the standard click-to-scroll slide-show, and clicking on the image will zoom in on a vertical stack of all three.


Interactive Image elements are all the rage, and are clearly visible on left side of the page. The product description matches the model, as it’s in a cutesy font on the right, but it’s replaced by a zoomed pic of the featured image whenever you hover the mouse. This creates more user control, and makes examining the product image much more fun.


Mouse hovering to zoom is becoming a prevalent trend in these showcases. As an added treat, you can click to change the model’s angle. The dress color happens to match the light pink background, which feels consistent and calming. Another nontraditional example of model choice is apparent as well.



Detailed info about care, style and fit is featured, but the image itself is fun to play with. Click to bring up an alternate UI where you can zoom by scrolling or clicking + or – on your keyboard. The degree to which you can zoom in or out is so silly as to almost seem exciting.

Love Shack Fancy


More hover and zoom functionality, and we’re back to unbelievably beautiful supermodels for this site, which makes sense as it gives the airy clothing a feeling of ethereal elegance. Click the third image to switch the color on the pattern from blush to black.


These slideshow style images never show the shoes flat on the floor. Instead, they’re always tilted downward. This creates an impression of tallness and really alters the way you view the product. Very interesting and artistic shots.

And if you scroll down you’re treated to an ambient video featuring a model performing some fleet-footed movements.


Simple, sleek, and customizable views allow for interaction with the shoe’s color and angle. The image is so detailed, that it really gives you the feel for the texture of the shoe. This goes to show the true value of a professional product photographer.


Twosocks offers more of the same as many of our other examples, but with a quirky/cute product image. It features a pair of bowlegs adorned with yet another set of striped socks. The images themselves are pretty standard, but the category sidebar is the real star of the show.

The slot machine function activated by the “in case of emergency PULL” button is particularly entertaining. Overall, this is one of the more interactive offerings on our list.

Soul Land


Ambient videos are a hot new trend, and the tight close up featured on this page serves to highlight the minute details that separate a good sports coat from a great one. Even better, they set it lower on the page so that you have to scroll to see it among the other pictures in the montage. This ensures the user won’t be distracted or annoyed by the video when first clicking onto the product page.

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