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Welcome to the age of the online startup.
Every day, multiple websites are created to announce a new startup and sadly, most of those pages look horrible. In order to attract the users you have to be able to provide a catchy description, features, and of course design. Now keep in mind that there is no perfect method/formula for a landing page. Don’t worry however there are plenty of successful rules to follow.

Remember to use strong call to action or CTA, in order to guide the user on what to do next. In most of the cases that action is to sign-up for your newsletter. But what happens after that? Right after you should ask the use to share the startup on social networks like Twitter and Facebook. This will enable you to further your reach and interest potential users. If you need some themes/landing pages, check out our previous article: 40-creative-coming-soon-pages-wordpress-themes.

This posts highlights 15 online startups that are out of the ordinary and actually look good!

1. TripLingo

TripLingo was founded on the belief that language learning should be tailored to your unique needs and that most learners aren’t necessarily seeking to become fluent. Whether you’re a traveler for leisure or businesses, whether you’re simply curious about a language, or whether you’ve got an eye towards fluency, TripLingo has got you covered.

2. Twickets

Twickets will turn your twitter account into a multi-user ticketing system! When you have a popular twitter account, it’s hard to manage and respond to the fire-hose of incoming tweets. Twickets™ will queue all tweets and allow you to tag, bundle, auto-reply, categorize, delegate, forward and follow-up on tweets as if every tweet is a ticket.

3. Strawberry Jam

Strawberry Jam compress the messages of the people that you follow online and show you the links they share the most – 100% friend based trends.

4. Statusboard

Project Management + Basecamp + Analytics = Statusboard. It’s that simple!

5. Shall I Buy?

Shall I Buy = Social + Mobile + Commerce. We build our alpha at Startup Weekend. Next in line is the private beta version.


Mobilastic is a mobile website builder for web designers and developers


Kickoff’s one sentence pitch reads ‘New sexy thing coming soon to the mac’.

8.Hop Scotch

I have no idea what this startup is about, but I like the design. That’s what matters here 🙂


Foodzy is a new service that helps you keep track of what you eat and rewards good eating habits.


ClubDivot makes it easier than ever to organize your golfing life. Welcome to the better way to connect with your partners…


Automatically backup, sync, and share your mobile photos


Your Mac’s calendar will never be the same again.


Bundle and share web content easily with bundlr


The best way to sell used goods before going to Craigslist or eBay.

15.Ben the Bodyguard

Protecting your passwords, photos, contactsand other sensitive stuff on your iPhone or iPod touch.

Know of any other beautiful startup landing pages? If so, feel free to let us know by commenting below. Please don’t forget to subscribe to the RSS-feed and follow Inspirationfeedon TwitterFacebook(100% Spam Free!) If you enjoyed the following article we humbly ask you to help us spread the word by sharing this article with your peers!

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Posted by Davy Kestens

Davy Kestens is a motivated young lunatic from Belgium with a highly entrepreneurial vision on his life. Continuously starting up online projects when he's not out trying to take over the world. His latest published tool for world domination is - An online marketplace where you can buy & sell unique blog posts.


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  2. Fantastic list of some awesome start-ups. Great collection.

  3. Most of those are pretty awesome! I’d love feedback on mine at! Thanks!

  4. Nice collection, I enjoyed looking at the Strawberry Jam site, very cool! Thanks for sharing

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  6. Interesting collection. I’m currently working on revamping an adwords campaign and trying to find some inspiration on how I would like to design the new landing pages. These are all very nice examples. Nice post!

  7. Really nice and informative collection. I also came across one interestingly designed site, which I though sharing here. The link is:

  8. Wow…Ben the Body Guard and StatusBoard are amazing…so clean, and they use scrolling so well!

    I actually just launched my own website, and I believe it’s a pretty decent coming-soon landing page too 🙂

    The link is here:

    I’d appreciate any feedback on the design and I hope you like it as much as I liked these.

  9. Charbel Jamous July 12, 2011 at 8:33 am

    can we add this one please 😀

  10. Davy, Great set of landing pages, I like clubdivot the best.

  11. I think the author has missed totally the point of what a landing page is for, and has shown 15 great pieces of art work.

    There is at most 2 landing pages that would sell or help make a sale, #10 (maybe) and #14

    The rest are just great examples of art

  12. I really like these, especially number 1. TripLingo; it’s creative, fun, appealing, and overall well designed.

  13. Davy, thanks for the great article. The landing page that was the most appealing for me was Mobilastic as it offered a simplistic approach that allowed me to signup immediately if I wanted to yet gave me an opportunity to further explore the site if I chose to do that instead.

    I’d like to see your input on which has some of the elements of Mobilastic as I mentioned.

    Disclaimer: I’m involved with

  14. Some lovely inspiring work with great energy! My UK site for charity digital talent has just launched at if you’d like to take a look and comment.

  15. I found this nice landingpage while looking for a researchtool…

  16. nice collection …. grt work

  17. I like those great landing page, those are fresh looking and inspire me as well.

  18. Looks like great sites created here – interested, because needing new additional niche web site right now- who to use?? GB

  19. I really liked the layout of this one.

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