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Emerged from the Graffiti movement in metropolises of Europe and the USA at the end of the 80’s.
By distributing self-created graphic works like paintings, writing, figures and logos in the form of stickers, posters, stencil graffiti, murals and other objects artists try to reclaim the public space dominated by the symbols of the media and advertising as a communication platform in terms of an intellectual-artistic capture.

I’m so vandal – By: kevin ledo

In the wall

Hangselm – By: NEVERCREW

Save the Trees – By: George Hedon

By londonstreetart2

By RobW

By Cuba Gallery

By ydeviant

By cmdpirxII

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Posted by Barbara

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  1. Great stuff. TX 🙂

  2. awesomely whimsical!

  3. Nice! Me rei mucho con los primeros! Thanks!

  4. The last is so funny! Great work

  5. We are organising an art weekend on 15, 16 and 17 November with the motto ‘street-art’ in a little town in the Netherlands called Waspik. We exhibit work from local amateur artists.
    During the weekend there will be a power point presentation in the community centre with examples of street art in all its varieties. We found two pictures on your website (891041246933114.jpg and Streetart_165_by_cmdpirxII-500×342.jpg) that we like to use in an edited form.

    We like your approval for this. We have no commercial intentions, not with the presentation nor with the exhibition.
    We assume that you agree if we have not heard from you before 15 November.
    Thanks in advance.
    Regards, work group WASPIKUNST

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