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We all know that modern life is one of over consumption, environmental pollution and self-absorption. Whether or not global warming or mass extinction is true or not, it is a fact that our environment is being slowly trashed and over-used. Environmental organizations have to get their point across loudly.

A small portion of the worlds population went green in order to make good impact on out lovely planet, but that’s not enough. A wide action is necessary, and those organizations certainly know that. They try in every possible way to make other people think greener.  The following twenty+ advertisements have been designed to provoke feelings of guilt and to create change in how we choose to live our lives. The message in each of these ten ads is “reduce, reuse, recycle,” but with a very unique and memorable twist.

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Posted by Jillian Lewis

This article was written by Jillian Lewis. She works as an environmental educator and also owns the website In her spare time, she enjoys writing, hiking and mountain climbing.

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