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You may have known someone who only reads books with pictures. Illustrations make the most boring literature come alive. Images make reading a lot more enjoyable. Why do you think children’s books are filled with vibrant, engaging pictures?

Nowadays, graphics and illustrations on text are elevated to another level. The cyber world calls data with pictures infographics. More than just captivating illustrations, infographics make learning new things a lot more enjoyable. They present details and facts and accentuate the information through visual shorthand. With infographics you get the important text, stunning photos and cool design to tell you a story.

Infographics for graphic designers can be used as resources to improve work, manage time and attain goals. An infographic with quality content can help the designer:

  • Select the right tools required for a design.
  • Pick the right color, paper, and topography.
  • Learn time-management to hit the deadline.
  • Learn the different tips and tricks used by seasoned designers.
  • Learn more about the intricacies of design and its tools.
  • Understand fonts more.

And those are just the basics. The more infographics you read, the more knowledge you gain. Another benefit of infographics is brand awareness. As a graphic designer, you already have the tools and skills to make your own infographics. All you need to do is gather the right information and data, get creative with design, inject humor and voila, you have an infographic that can be posted and shared online. Here, the more quality – informative and fun – infographics you make, the more online users rely on your work. You learn something new from your research, you practice your creativity, and you market your work well. And readers get to learn something from you. Definitely, a win-win situation.

Here are 20 informative information graphics for you to consume and get inspired from. Enjoy!

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A Quick and Comprehensive Type Guide

A Quick and Comprehensive Type Guide

The Principles of Design


How Would You Like Your Graphic Design?

How Would You Like Your Graphic Design?

Pen Tool Technique


Do You Need a New Logo Design?


Anatomy of a Perfect Landing Page


Graphic Designer’s Road Map


What Makes Good Information Design?


How do Colors Affect Purchases?


Psychology of Color


Photoshop Shortcuts


Photoshop CS6 Brush Guide


Anatomy of an Effective Web Design


Facts About Graphic Design Careers


Color Emotion Guide


State of Graphic Design


What Makes A Good Logo


The 10 Commandments of Typography


29 Ways to Stay Creative




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