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Technology is constantly making great leaps and bounds in terms of development and, in the race to be the best of the best, developers are working double time to come up with the most innovative products. One area where great advances and innovations are being made would be in the fields of GUIs (Graphical User Interface) and HUDs (Heads-up Displays). These GUIs and HUDs are crucial in the fields of computer works, design, and gaming. The most innovative ones allow users to work more quickly and efficiently which means the results are killer.

Innovative GUIs

A graphical user is really quite important in the sense that it allows users to be more productive because it lowers their cognitive loads. Think about how you use your mouse to interact with your PC or how you use your Wii stick to play games — these tools give developers greater freedom when it comes to how they display their data and info, images, graphics, and other elements.

Just look at how Apple managed to revolutionize the way people used their phones by introducing a cutting-edge touch screen for their iPhones; touch screens have long been available but Apple really made it mainstream for phones. Microsoft then released their phones that came with innovative GUI in terms of constantly updating tiles that were unlike anything people had ever seen.

Innovative Heads-up Displays

You had the GUIs, now it is time to marvel at HUDs or Heads-up Displays and how they are constantly innovating to fit the needs of the industry in which they are used. Heads-up displays can be used for gaming but do you know that they can also be used for so many things like the ones below:

  • Books
  • Multi-tools
  • Photo enhancements
  • Vehicles
  • GPS
  • Combat systems and games
  • Animation overrides

Plus a whole lot more. There are several generations of HUDs to date and they are basically grouped as to what technology is used for them to work. The latest generations, which is the 4th generation, makes use of scanning lasers and video imagery to cast images. But don’t let that throw you for a loop because, even now, more changes and improvements are being introduced to the HUDs to make them better, sharper, and just generally more amazing.

For those who are curious as to where HUDs and GUIs are headed, check out the inspiring videos below. Enjoy!

Rolls-Royce – The future of ship intelligence

Oblivion – Interface Design

NeuroScouting by Spov

Guardians of the Galaxy UI Design – Territory Studio

Pacific Rim – Holographic UIs

Push ‘Strength in Numbers’ – Data Visualisation

Her – Hologram sequences

Captain America: The Winter Soldier UI

Android Wear: Information that moves with you

GM ELMIRAJ Concept car UI

Ender’s Game – UI Breakdown

Robocop (2014) – UI Design

After Earth GFX Reel

Continuum – Visual Effects Reel

Splinter Cell Blacklist – Interface Design

Watchdogs – Hacking UI

Gold Runner

Displair – Interactive vapour screen

Futuristic Baseball UI

007 Skyfall UI

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