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Sheridan Johns is a professional freelance digital painter, illustrator and portrait artist from Australia. She’s the talented illustrator behind these jaw-dropping photorealistic portraits of some of our most loved characters in pop culture. After graduating High School, she continued her studies of Design and Illustration for 2 years, earning a diploma within the field of arts. During those years, Sheridan was able to explore realism, apply new techniques and work with different artistic styles.

Ever since 2004 Sheridan has been studying various forms of Digital Art. She’s been through nearly all digital art styles you can name; Anime, Manga, Vector, Photomanipulation, Logo design, Typography, Western comic, Fantasy, Dragons, Landscapes, Abstract, even the Yaoi phase. She has finally found her passion in Portraiture and the fine detail within Photo Realism.

“I started doing digital paintings since 2003 – just messing around with Photoshop 7. Art has always been a big part of my life. For many years it served as my outlet of creativity. From a simple sketch to a rendered portrait, I’ve always been able to discover a new technique when creating a piece of art.

Back in 2005, I decided to take this style more seriously, looking into more details, depth and color with each piece. I pretty much taught myself by studying other digital painters and their techniques and tutorials. It takes a lot of practice and research, but it’s well worth it in the end.” – Sheridan Johns

Note: All Rights Reserved by Sheridan Johns

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