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So you have a dream, but may you be too afraid to pursue it. A dream to start a business can be particularly scary, because in some cases your financial security depends on it. Whether or not you may realize it, thoughts like these are based on fear. After all, your dream is unique and important to you, so you should not push it away. Here are 20 reasons why you should start your business now.


Do not let fear run your life

Fear is one of the worst things for motivation. If you want to accomplish a lot in life, you cannot let fear be any part of it.

Time never stops

Death is an unfortunate part of life, but there is no escaping that it exists. You are not getting any younger; you do not have any more time than you had before. The longer you wait, the longer until you realize your dream. This may seem pessimistic, but it is very much true. Take this as a motivator to get you started.

You can work anywhere

When you work for yourself, your office is anywhere you would like it to be.

It is a risk

Fear can be a part of starting something as large a task as starting your own business, but it is also a risk. It is good to take risks because then you are living on the edge, and when you live on the edge, every experience causes you to grow as a person.

Your business is wanted

Assuming that your business will have no public demand is a thought usually based on negative feelings. Find your niche and sell your idea to whoever it takes to get your business launched. If you have a desire for the product or service you are trying to bring to market, it is most likely that others do too.

You can write it off

Although a lot of work and effort goes into making a business, it can really pay off (aside from sales). When it comes time to write your taxes, you can write off deductions, which include all sorts of things from supplies to Internet service. Even if you have a small business, you can really make tax time work quite well for you.

No one else will do it for you

If you have a dream, it is up to you to achieve it. No one else will do the work for you. You cannot sit around waiting for it to happen.

The Internet

The Internet is often a free platform for you to promote your business. This can guarantee you at least some amount of success.

You were terminated from your previous job

Most people lose their job at least once in their life, and it may not be even their fault. The economy has businesses making a lot of decisions they may not want to, but need to make, and laying you off may have been one of those decisions. Finding a new job that will ask for all of the skills you used at your previous may be extremely difficult. When you start a business, this search can be quickly bypassed.

You will be your own boss

One of the best things about starting your own business is the fact that you won’t have to work under anyone else.

Inexpensive technology

In today’s world, much of the market is dependent on technology and communication with it. Thankfully though, technology is getting cheaper everyday, making it ever easier for you than before.

Do it before someone else does

If your idea is especially unique, do not wait for someone else to do it.

Cheap labor

The recession has hit employees in a frustrating manner; getting the job they deserve has never been harder, due to competition. As the boss, however, you will be able to pick from the best people you would like, and have the luxury to be picky. And because there are so many people wanting jobs, you can lower your pay rate. This makes it difficult for employees, but much easier for you.

People are starting to spend again

The recession is still a major issue, but people are starting to spend a little extra now. They could be taking their money to your business.

You have energy now

If you have an idea for a business, it is most likely you have a passion for it. Especially if you’re young, a passion for the business of your dreams can give you a lot of energy to accomplish just that. Take advantage of this and hone it to your goals.

Earning a living

Simply put: businesses make money, the kind of money that can give you the right kind of living.

Retire earlier

If you own a business, you could make more money than you ever would working for someone else, and you could retire much sooner.

Easier ways to fund

With websites such as IndieGoGo and Kickstarter, it has never been easier to get your business started, especially if you don’t want to pull cash out of your own wallet.

Even if you fail, it’s not the end of the world

Although there’s a high chance your company will do very well, there’s a chance it may fail. However, every time you fail you’ll learn what does not work, getting you closer to success.

Set a good example

Set a good example by taking the risks and the leap of faith required to start your business. If you start a business, you may inspire others around you (including yourself) and that is a very powerful thing.

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