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This article is meant to help travelers find beneficial travel tools. It covers everything from cheap transportation, maps, currency exchange apps, and much more. So if you’re a frequent traveler, you should consider bookmarking this article.

Sky Scanner


Skyscanner is an international travel search site that compares the price of millions of flights instantly; there are over one thousand airlines to choose from. You can browse prices for the month, or alternatively for the year so you can get the lowest price and seal the best deal. They also deal with hotels and car hire; you can book online, with the airline, or a travel agent.



SeatGuru compares the quality of seats from different airlines to different classes. They document the findings so that every traveler can find information about the flight they will be flying on. They ask people to leave reviews on the site about their experience, and they update the site regularly with new information.

All Subway


All Subway is an application that shows you the subway routes of major cities. You can download it from the Apple App Store. It will come in handy for anyone who is backpacking or even for just a general traveler who needs to get around major cities they’re unfamiliar with. This is also one of the cheapest applications of its kind, at a mere ninety nine cents; it is good value for the money.

XE Currency


XE Currency is an application that allows you to examine the current exchange rates. It assists the traveler with keeping track of currencies, examining historical charts, and calculating prices. This is particularly ideal for any traveler who is traveling abroad.



This Wi-Fi finder can find any of the free or paid Wi-Fi zones in 144 countries across the globe. It’s available for Android and iOS. When you are in a high density area it may offer you more than one option of network locations that you can choose from. You can also choose to download a database for finding the public Wi-Fi when you are not online.

Android | iOS

Room 77

Room 77

Room 77 helps you find the best possible room at the lowest possible price. They search across the web for the cheapest deals, even comparing the top travel sites. They don’t just stop at booking either; if the traveler has chosen a more expensive stay that is valued at more than $400, then they can get complimentary access to a Room Concierge. Finding deals only takes a matter of seconds and is done free of charge.



Expensify provides free expense reports. Here are a few standout features:

  • You can manage all of your existing major credit cards easily.
  • They offer information in over 160 different currencies and also international taxes.
  • The application has unlimited storage for receipts.

Gate Guru


Gate Guru is an application for your smart phone that holds information about everything needed for your flight. It can keep you up to date with any flight delays, gate changes and so forth. Specific information can be provided simply by typing in the airport code. It can help find amenities, give you weather forecasts and allows you to reserve a rental car from Avis with a discount of up to 35%.



Trip It is a company that arranges a lot of the traveling for you. You send them an email of what you would like and they send you back an itinerary, which holds a lot of information and is very easy to comprehend.

Google Voice


With Google Voice, making phone calls has become even easier; you can now do it straight from GMail. You can download an application where you can make local calls for free and international calls at a low price. You do not even need a phone; you just have to have access to an internet connection and a microphone to make calls.



Hipmunk aids you in finding competitive prices for your traveling needs, whether it is for a commercial or chartered flight to finding hotels and home rentals.



With Kayak you are able to search hundreds of travel sites from one location. You can also find cars to rent, hotels to book, and deals to take advantage of. The site is very simply and pretty straight forward.

Google Maps


Finding your way around has never been easier. With Google Maps you can easily search for nearby places, get accurate directions, explore the world with Street View, find great offers near you, get turn-by-turn GPS navigation, and much more. This is a must have app.



Superfly is a company which helps consumers find and book the best accommodation on the internet. They are also able to locate the best deals for cars, flights, and hotels. They also help travelers take advantage of their unused frequent flyer miles or their airline rewards programs. One other interesting tidbit is that Superfly has the largest database for hotel booking available on the internet which has increased their popularity rapidly in since their launch in 2010.



SleepStream is an mobile applications developed to aid the user with sleep and relaxation. It is designed with sounds that will help you relax, unwind, lift your mood, and help you sleep. You are now able to overlay sounds, for example voice over music. At a low cost of $2.99 you can get a peaceful sleep and awaken in an upbeat mood, ready to take on the world.



iTranslate takes what you say, puts it into text, and then translates the text before reading it back to you in the selected language. Currently it has over 60 languages. At only $1.99 it’s a very useful application to have for any traveler who is going to a foreign country.

Air Ninja


Air Ninja allows you to search several providers in one place. You can simply book a flight, hotel, or a car.

Flight Fox


Flight Fox helps reduce a lot of stress for travelers. For $49 you can hire a flight expert to find you the cheapest flight possible. Your matched consultant will also organize the trip for you and help you with anything else you might need.



Airbnb is a website dedicated to advertising and locating unique places of accommodation throughout 192 countries. You can search and book these places from your laptop or a mobile phone. You are able to find everything from apartments to castles on this website. Overall, this website is a great resource for any traveler looking for a unique travel experience.



VisaH allows travelers to apply for visas to any country online; they must have a consulate to the United States. All you have to do is fill out one electronic form, which can drastically reduce the application time. VisaH can also arrange, replace, and renew your passport. The wait time tends to be somewhere around two weeks, so be sure to think ahead.

Prey Project


Prey is tracking software for your phone, laptop or tablet that lets you locate and lock your device if it ever gets stolen or is missing. All you have to do is install the software and you’re good to go. Whenever your gadget goes missing, you can login into your account on their website and set off an alarm or send a message to the phone or computer that you know they have taken it. There are a variety of plans, from a free limited-use one to the paid one that has lots of added extras. 

Travel Hacking


Travel Hacking Cartel is a website that charges a small fee for telling you how to earn a lot of frequent flyer points from the ground; you don’t even have to get on a plane. They then show you how you can redeem the points for a trip overseas. They get you all the information you need to make your trip as low cost as possible and are a good investment if you want to learn how to earn frequent flyer points fast.



Wikitravel was created to become a free, up to date international travel guide. Travelers are able to help by adding information about locations, primarily by relaying the information online where it then gets updated onto the Wiki site. It is a good place to get a sense of the place where you are traveling to.

CityMaps 2 Go


As the name suggests, City Maps 2Go provides reliable and easy to use maps. It’s a good companion to upload to your device and take with you on your travels. You will have access to detailed maps and popular places to visit without having to be connected to the internet. You can  also plan trips and customize the map to make your travel an easy and positive experience.

Speed Test


This website allow you to test the local internet speeds. It’s completely free to use and is highly helpful prior to actually booking a hotel room, guesthouse, or a hostel.

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