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95 Beautiful Business Card Designs

business card Business Card are commonly used these days to network with all sort of different people. Anybody who owns their own business should definitely have their own business cards. Even if you don’t own your own business that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have business cards. To expand yourself out in...
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55 Creative Examples of USB Designs

usb designs We wanted to do a roundup of something creative, and interesting. We chose USB drive designs. USB drives are very cheap these days, and each year memory is costing less. When USB drives were expensive, they were plain and simple like a stick. Now that they’re so cheap people...
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25 Websites for Typography Inspiration

typography- resources Typography is a beautiful thing, and plays a huge role in designing. Most of the time its hard to get inspired when you’re working on a project. Not every font fits in perfectly with every project. Why not take a little time off, and check out these typography resources...
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51 Inspirational Orange Based Websites

orange What color is vibrant, and makes you feel warm? Orange! In my opinion orange is an eye catching color that grabs your attention. We have gathered some beautiful orange based websites to get your mind juices flowing.  All the websites were hand picked and chosen by the quality orange...
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60 Temptingly Designed Alcoholic Beverages

alcohol If you ever find yourself lost designing an alcoholic beverage, this post is for your inspiration. The bottle design says alot about the beverage. It shows you how its viewed by the company itself, and how they want others to see it. The designs in this showcase are very...
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Leave Facebook For These 11 Alternatives

facebook You might have heard recently that Facebook has gone wild with the privacy issues. Facebook is plain evil, they now allow third parties to get your information with no strings attached. While its the second most visited site on the planet, the reputation of Facebook is going down. More...
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Top 7 WordPress 404 Plugins

wordpress-404 Error 404 pages show up usually because of a misspelled, or deleted url. When this happens the ugly 404 page shows up, and scares the visitors away. You probably wonder ‘how can i fix this, without manually messing with the php code?’ To help you, we have looked around...
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