Month: July 2010


45 Awesome Apocalyptic Zombie Artworks

The Zombie apocalyptic idea has always been around in movies (Zombieland), and video games (Left for Dead). I can go and name more examples, but you probably get the idea. We decided to do something fun, different, and inspiring. We decided...

/ July 16, 2010

50 Captivating Examples of Illustration Art #2

We gathered an awesome visual treat for your thirstfull eyes. The following illustrations have no exact category, but are all very unique. We hope these images will inspire you in some sort of way. This is the second roundup in...

/ July 15, 2010
food packaging

60 Creative Examples of Food Packaging Design

Design is everywhere you look, including food packaging. Every single item you buy has probably been through a design process. Lets take gum for example, the new orbit gum packages look so cool and unique. Now you might think, ‘just...

/ July 8, 2010

60 Visionary Examples of Creative Photography #2

Creativity can be expressed in almost anything. In this case we have creative photography. We rounded up an awesome collection of fun and entertaining images that will make you look twice. Who knows maybe one of these images will inspire...

/ July 7, 2010

55 Examples of Minimalistic Web Design

Minimalistic web design always held a strong influence on designers. Most people argue and have different opinion on what minimal design should be. One thing we can all agree on, is that simplicity is king. Here are some beautiful websites that...

/ July 5, 2010

50 Remarkable Examples of Typography Design #2

Typography is the art of print. Typography is everywhere, including greeting cards, books, posters, newspapers, magazines, and any other print media. The goals of Typography are simple, it must clearly communicate the message and do so in a visually effective...

/ July 5, 2010

20 Stunning Minimalist Print Ads

The general purpose of adverting is to convey a message directly and effectively about a product or service; often the best way to do this is to strip things down to the bare essentials. Minimalism has long been one of...

/ July 2, 2010