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10 Mouth Watering Architectural Home Designs #2

Architectural-Home-Designs Today we present to you the second installment of our Architectural Home Design. In this collection you will find beautiful exterior and interior house designs. All the home are very expensive, so unless you can afford it you will probably drool all over the keyboard. Anyhow we hope you...
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50 Remarkable Examples Of Typography Design #3

typography-3 You can find typography almost everywhere you look. From billboards, to magazines, and even restaurants. Although those examples are very broad, its very easy to notice it if you just look. Today we present to you the third installment of our popular typography design collection. Once again we have...
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50 Examples of Pixel Perfect Button Design

button-design Buttons are always an important part of any website. The button’s main goal is to attract the user into performing an action you want them to. Meaning to sign up, purchase now, log in, vote up, and etc. Not only do they attract users, but they also add a...
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50 Inspiring Examples of Vintage Ads

vintage-ads Lets travel back in time to check out some amazing ads from the 1930’s – 1980’s. This collection includes WW2, food, furniture, automobile, tobacco, and other product based advertisements. It’s kinda interesting to see how far we have come in advertising. Ads today are far more advanced and eagerly convincing. Although...
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45 Incredible Logo Designs #5

incredible-logos-5 Heres a collection of  the best recent logo designs. This roundup includes a variety of modern and retro styled logos. With high detail and quality, these designs really set the standards for future projects. We hope you enjoy this roundup and don’t forget to comment below! Note: A lot...
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Inspirationfeed Flickr Group Showcase

flickr-showcase As you may or may not know we recently have started a Flickr Group. Although we are really late on this, we have already acquired over 130 talented members. From now on we will do an Inspirationfeed Flickr Group Showcase ever month. We will collect the best inspirations from the...
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35 Examples of Pink Web Design

pink-website As you may know National Breast Cancer Awareness is in October. This year they are celebrating 25 years of awareness, education, and empowerment. To help celebrate, we decide to contribute a showcase of beautiful pink websites. This is the least we can do, but we think it will be inspiring....
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