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17 Mind Blowing Paper Cut Rolls by Anastassia Elias

Paper-cuts-by-Anastassia-Elias Ever wondered what to do with all the toilet rolls that we throw out? Well, Anastassia Elias has managed to create art out of it. Elias is an  illustrator from France. Her previous works have been featured in many exhibitions in Paris. It’s incredible to see how this simple idea...
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40 Detailed Examples of User Interface Design

user-interface-design When designing an application, millions of question arise. How should it look? How easy is the interface to understand? What should the colors and borders look like? The list goes on and on. Before you get brain overload, you need to take these steps on by one. To answer...
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30 Life Like 3D Pencil Drawings by Wladimir Inostroza

incredible-3d-pencil-drawings Wladimir Inostroza, aka Fredo, is a talented artist from Chile. Recently his incredible work has appeared on several design blogs. His 3D illusions are brilliantly enhanced by the inclusion of real world objects. In the following sketches below you will see how he uses lighting and pencil shadows to...
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50 Remarkable Examples Of Typography Design #4

typography-4 As you may know typography is the art and technique of printing with movable type. Typography is everywhere you look newspaper, magazines, books, posters, and the list goes on. Typography is one of my favorite parts of design. Today we present you with our fourth installment of our popular typography...
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30 Beautiful Motion Typography and Kinetic Type Animations

Motion-Typography Kinetic typography is the technical name for “moving text.” This process is an animation technique thats mixes motion and text. Today we have an entertaining collection of beautiful motion typography and kinetic type animations. Prior to this we have only posted typographic prints, posters, and digital artworks. Now we...
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20 Incredible Paper Sculptures by Jeff Nishinaka

paper-sculpture Jeff Nishinaka is greatly known for his stunning paper sculptures. Living in sunny California LA, Jeff has 28 years of professional experience. Nishinaka attended UCLA and graduated from the prestigious Art Center College of Design, there he discovered paper sculpture art. Ever since, Jeff has worked with companies suck...
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20 Examples of Origami Paper Folding by Won Park

origaminpaperfolding Origami is a Japanese art of paper folding. What makes this art different from others, is the skill to use only one piece of paper to make an object/figure. Unlike other arts you cannot cut or glue the paper, which in this case is money. Below we have gathered...
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