Month: February 2011

adobe illustrator tips

Adobe Illustrator: Some Tips and Guidelines of Typography to Follow

In website design, typography makes an important aspect that determines the success or failure of a project largely. Considered as an art form in itself, designers need to choose the right fonts, its proper spacing and text shaping so that...

/ February 24, 2011
free ui psd

30 Free and Useful UI Elements PSD Files

If you are working on a new user based community website, then you are in luck! We have gathered some pixel perfect ui element file available 100% free for download.  Every single image leads you to the download page. We...

/ February 24, 2011
coming soon pages

40 Creative Coming Soon Pages & WordPress Themes

If you are planning to create an application, or any other website, you should really consider having a coming soon page. On that spash page, you should have an email signup form and some sort of social media links to...

/ February 23, 2011
iphone and ipad wallpapers

20 Beautiful Handpicked iPad & iPhone Wallpapers

Instead of seaching for wallpapers that fit only one mobile apple device, we thought “why not all?”  With the release of the iPhone on Verizon, millions of people that got the phone need to catch up. This is where we...

/ February 22, 2011

5 Best Font-Related FireFox Addons

If Firefox is your preferred web browser, you aren’t alone. However, of all the great features offered by Firefox, it can never fully meet the needs of every online user. That’s where add-ons come in. Firefox add-ons allow you to...

/ February 21, 2011
photoshop disasters

30 Examples of Commercial Photoshop Disasters

Oh dear, it’s gettin worse. More and more Photoshop disasters are happening on posters, magazine covers, and advertisements. The designers are a fault because of clumsy manipulation, senseless comping, lazy cloning, and thoughtless retouching. Not only is this embarrassing for the company,...

/ February 16, 2011
nighttime photography

20 Stunning Cityscape Nighttime Photographs

City lighting shows its true conserved beauty at night. During the night time some of the most stunning photos get captured. Of course shooting in low light is a difficult task to accomplish. However when you get the right tools...

/ February 15, 2011
Wireframes and Mockups Sketches

25 Examples of Wireframes and Mockups Sketches

Would you start building a website without blueprints? If you said yes, good luck with that. If you said no, then you are 100% right! Before building any website you have to have an idea of how things will function...

/ February 14, 2011
creative billboard designs

35 Creative Examples of Billboard Designs

Billboard advertising is a great way to get he attention of regular commuters on the road, city, and other public areas. A billboard can be plain and just advertise your company’s name, product, values, or services. This is a good way...

/ February 9, 2011