Month: April 2011

photography that will blow your mind

30 photographs that will blow your mind

Capturing a moment in a snapshot is a real art, you have to be ready with your camera at the right moment and right place. Photographers who can achieve those shots are usually professionals who always keep their camera with...

/ April 28, 2011
Intimate Couple

Sex Sells, 50 Creative Sexual Advertisements

Here is the cold hard truth, “Sex Sells.” Hate or love it, sex attracts the eye more than any other type of advertisement. We are sexual beings, therefore are attracted to sexually related subjects, jokes, and other matters. Many companies...

/ April 27, 2011

35 Perfect Examples Of Branding Design

First impressions are a must, expessially for brands. When a person is first introduced to your company he/she will conclude a quick judgement about your brand. For this reason creating a memorable, elegant, and attractive logo is very important. In...

/ April 25, 2011
how to say no

How To Say No to Your Clients

The well-known saying ‘the customer is always right’ may work well in retail (to a certain extent), but it is far from the truth in the web design world. Of course, saying no clients can be a scary prospect. But...

/ April 22, 2011
vecto brushes

50 Beautiful Free Adobe Illustrator Vector Brushes

As any designer knows Adobe Illustrator is an extremely effective tool. The ability to easily resize without loosing quality is critical. From popular demand we decided to collect some of the best/useful vector brushes. Its time for you to spice up your...

/ April 21, 2011
easter eggs

14 Beautiful Examples of Wooden Easter Egg Designs

Ever since the horrific  disaster that took place on 3/11/11 Japan has not been the same. Working to rebuilt the damage that mother nature caused, will take quite sometime. Now here a chance for you to speed up the process...

/ April 21, 2011

SML, the New Facebook Markup Language?

Social Markup Language (SML) is the latest markup language for Facebook developers and marketers. SML generates HTML and Javascript codes on the hosting server, enabling developers to save time, work with greater efficiency, and increase productivity lost upon re-coding apps...

/ April 20, 2011
creative resumes

30 Amazingly Creative Examples of Designer Resumes

It’s extremely hard to find a job these days! The market is slow, the economy is bad, and the competition is fierce. To get a job you will have to  stand out of the crowd. The following resumes go against...

/ April 18, 2011
fcaerbook fan page practices

40 Facebook Fan Page Designs and Practices

Facebook is the second most visited website in the world! If you have been sleeping under a rock, wake up! Facebook and twitter should be the top two social media priorities for small/big businesses. In this article we will take...

/ April 13, 2011
angry birds

30 Amazing Fan Inspired Angry Bird Artworks

Whether you like it or not, Angry Birds is a huge hit. Developer Rovio now stands as a role model for every single game development company that wants to strike gold. While writing this post, Angry Birds has been downloaded...

/ April 11, 2011