Month: June 2011

50 Fascinating Illustration Designs and Photo Manipulations

50 Fascinating Illustration Designs and Photo Manipulations

We love sharing top notch works of creatives! This is a talented packed bundle of incredible illustrations, photo manipulations, and graphic designs. The collection took us some time to develop, assuring only quality work for your eyes! Prior to this collection (the reason this...

/ June 30, 2011
Website Template Resources

4 Website Template Resources For Businesses

The Internet has been a necessary tool for businesses to remain competitive for years now but not everyone is a web developer. You need to think about your web image and an online marketing agency is useful but first you...

/ June 29, 2011
How to design & code a nice contact form

How To Design & Code a Nice Contact Form

Regarding contacting on a website there are two types: On the one hand the sites that provide a contact form to send a message to the operator. But there are also people who prefer to be contacted by a simple...

/ June 28, 2011
mind blowing backgrounds

50 Mind Blowing Twitter Backgrounds

Twitter is the perfect self branding tool; this is the method of creating a brand that is all your own. People are using Twitter to establish themselves as someone experienced, unique, personable, industry gurus or niche professionals. People are attracted...

/ June 27, 2011
kbs ui kit psd

Freebie: Black User Interface PSD Kit

We do not want to bore you with UI kits, but this one is a beauty! This PSD freebie was designed by Gabriel Sebastien. Gabriel is the owner of a popular french blog Blogduwebdesign is a great wed design blog that has a...

/ June 22, 2011
wordpress translate

Top 10 Useful Translation Plugins for WordPress

Before we jump into this article, I just would like to share a little backstory that will show you why these plugins must not be overlooked. As any webmaster would be, I’m obsessed with stats and analytics. While looking through google...

/ June 21, 2011
6 Ways To Overcome Freelance Stress

6 Ways To Overcome Freelance Stress

Anyone who has freelanced for some time can attest to the fact that freelancing at times can be stressful. With demanding clients, deadlines, financial concerns, and admin task you’re freelancing dream can easily turn into a nightmare. Like all things...

/ June 20, 2011