Month: July 2011


40 Clever Yet Creative 404 Error Designs

404 error means that the file/page a user want to view cannot be found. This error is one of the most, if not the most, common errors we run into browsing the internet. Hate is or love it, this gives webmasters the opportunity to show their creative side. We all have to have a little…

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8 Useful Tips and Tricks for New Graphic Designers

When we start off a career in any field, it's always helps if someone guides us in figuring out various things. This is just a simple list of steps that newbies got to take care of while starting their First project as a Graphic Designer. Let's get started! 1. Know your tools well Know your…

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20 Incredible Video Examples of Guerrilla Marketing

What is guerrilla marketing and why is it a big deal? Guerrilla marketing is packed with creativity and a combination of different ideas to get your message across to the consumers. The big difference between guerrilla marketing and traditional marketing is big budgets. Usually small companies cannot compete with huge retail chains, because they lack financial complications.…

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30 Heart Touching Examples of Dear Photograph

Remember Ben Heine, the painter, illustrator, portraitist, caricaturist, and photographer? He takes pictures and then uses a pencil drawing to fill in the gaps. This process gives his work uniqueness, and is extremely cool. Now we are not saying that Taylor Jones, who is the founder of Dearphotgraph, stole this idea and instead uses old photographs.…

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45 Outstandingly Well-Designed E-commerce Websites

Remember back in the day when we had an ugly square box with an image inside, and on the right side would be a checkout box? This used to be the generalized appearance of most e-commerce stores. Ever since we moved into a digital era where you can buy physically anything online and not hurt your…

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Is Image Optimization important for SEO?

Importance of Image in Websites 'A Picture paints a thousand words' is a Chinese proverb and no doubt this is very true.  Picture always plays great role whether if it is to make audience interactive or if to make things look better. Similarly for the webmasters also, pictures have great role.  Sure they look good,…

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