Month: November 2011


35 Creative McDonald’s Corp Advertising Practices

McDonald's Corporation was started on April 15, 1955 in Des Plaines, Illinois. Originally the business began in 1940 as a barbecue restaurant operated by the eponymous Richard and Maurice McDonald. Later on businessman Ray Kroc joined the company as a franchise agent in 1955 and thus McDonald's Corporation started their successful journey. Today McDonald’s operates over…

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Freelance like a King or Queen

Often times we hear about how great it is working for ourselves, how much happier we'll be, how much more time we'll have to spend with friends and family or just how awesome it is not having to wake up early and spend all day having to answer to someone else. While these things are…

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25 Striking Framed Papercuts by Peter Callesen


Peter Callesen

Peter Callesen thrives on creating art from paper, rather on it. Using paper only as a source, he creates beautiful sculptural works. Each work is made by cutting out one sheet of paper, and using the removed scraps to create figures, buildings, and other objects. His work…

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How to Improve Your Twitter Profile Page Rank

Did you know that Goolge ranks Twitter profiles within their search engine? If not, surprise! Understanding what their algorithm might be looking for, has made me do some in-depth research. After analyzing what my top SEO resources had to say regarding this matter, I decided to share with you what I've learned. Before we jump in and implement…

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5 Tips to Create a Supreme Design Workspace

Before you release your own creativity and start working on your project, it is very important to consider your work space. Having one that allows you to work freely and to think creatively, will totally improve your workflow. Each setup plays an important role in helping a designer finish their work successfully. Some simple tips…

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30 Beautifully Complex Watch Designs

By any chance, can you remember the first watch you have ever worn? I'm not embarrassed to tell you that back in the day, I rocked the calculator watch with style. I'll be completely honest, in elementary school I used it for one or two math tests. 🙂 Yes it was wrong, but it made the other…

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The Most Essential Tools for a Small Business

As small business owners, it's paramount that we're using tools to help organize and streamline our business. After running a small business for 10+ years, there are certain business tools I can't do without. Here are my top 12 that are very meaningful for my daily operations. In some of the categories I also list…

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