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30 Honest Corporate Logos by Viktor Hertz

Honest logos by Viktor Hertz Usually when we look at well know brands, we express a certain feeling towards them. Some have a positive, while some have a negative. Viktor Hertz, a freelance Graphic Designer from Sweden, has took on the challenge to express the publics generalized opinion about the brands we all know, hate,...
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Attracting Readers Via Website Header (Tips and Inspiration)

Attracting Readers Via Website Header A website banner, or as some might call header, will often be the first thing that a new reader sees when they open a web page, as it stretches across the top of the page. In most cases, the website banner should be sure to include the name of...
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Using Photos to Drive Web Traffic

Website Traffic Most bloggers focus on their rankings within Google search, and Google Blog search. In doing so, they miss the importance of potential traffic from Google Images. In this article we will look at the importance of using high quality photos in your blog design, and how to appropriately tag them...
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10 Beautiful Human Portrait Typography Designs

Will I Am Art has always undergone a metamorphosis through the ages. Depending on the materials available, the depth of human imagination and the changing perceptions of the world, these aspects have contributed to new art forms or revitalization of the old. Portrait illustrations have always been focused on life-like faces or...
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15 Great Playlists From DesignersMX

DesignersMX DesignersMX showcases beautifuly designed mixes. Not just the quality hand-picked music collection, but the time consuming album cover art as well. Asking some of the industry’s top designers, DesignersMX is on a mission to discover the musical secrets of creativity. We have a very strong taste in life, and...
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Top 5 Ways To Make You Want To Work

Sleeping During Work Ever found yourself coming round from a daydream at work and seeing the time is 3:30pm and you have absolutely no idea what you’ve achieved since lunch? Offices can be fairly claustrophobic spaces. The monotonous sound of typing and mouse clicking, repetitively ringing phones, the lack of fresh air and...
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Klout – Are You Enjoying the Benefits Yet?

klout I’m assuming you are not screaming with excitement like the lady on the article preview image. If you are, then…..great! If you haven’t heard of Klout yet then you could be missing out on something special. Klout is a relatively new platform that helps you to measure your influence across...
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