Month: March 2012


20 After Effects Templates Inspired by Action Movies

In a world where action films are a beloved genre, there are only few people who are curious about behind the scenes of every explosion, a fuel tanker blown up on a freeway or the grenades thrown by the both...

/ March 30, 2012

Inspiration from Music, Film, Art & Media

To the artist, writers and creatives, drawing from inspiration should come naturally but for some inspiration is hidden; the secret to finding should not be a difficult if the above professions are what they are. At the core of inspiration...

/ March 30, 2012

How to Make the Most out of Check-In Services

Check-in services are no longer considered to be just a fad. With check-in platforms having morethan 10 million users as of October 2011, those who say that it is just a fad would be hard-put to justify it. It is...

/ March 30, 2012

45 Fascinating Illustration Designs and Photo Manipulations #4

From our ongoing series of illustration design, here is the fourth installment! Today we have managed to collect 45 beautiful illustrations for your inspiration. As you already suspect, this collection include a vast variety of categories. We mix things up and...

/ March 29, 2012
billion dollar pie

6 Tips on How to Get a Piece of the Golden Pie – AdSense Pays Billions Annually

There is more than one path to revenue for marketers. Google’s AdSense is one that makes a great deal of sense for many. Although, people have debated against it at times claiming it’s a PPC (pay per click) model, and...

/ March 29, 2012

Brand Addiction: To Be Or Not To Be?

Consumers pay a lot for brand-name goods than for goods that don’t have a popular brand name. Simply because this entails spending more for what some think of the same item that simply continues to be marketed and promoted, brand...

/ March 29, 2012

25 Mind Blowing Matte Paintings by Marek Okon

Marek Okon is a 30 year old concept artist from Poland who works with digital painting and matte painting for film, videogames and books. Marek is really passionate about painting and considers it a huge part of his life as...

/ March 28, 2012
family photos

How To Shoot Professional Quality Family Vacation Photos

Everyone enjoys having beautiful family vacation photographs. Even with the modern technology of fully automated cameras that do everything but select the subject of your photo, there are still some tips and tricks to enhance your family vacation photos with...

/ March 28, 2012

If You Blog for Fun, Money Will Come

People blog for different reasons. Some people blog to share their experiences or stories, some blog for personal enjoyment and others blog to try and make money. Some people have no desire to profit off their blog. They simply enjoy...

/ March 28, 2012

Considerable Reasons to Hire a Social Media Expert

After toying around with the idea that you need to get your business on social media, you decided it was time. But before you start logging in those online hours, consider hiring an expert. To be clear, many people are outraged...

/ March 28, 2012