Month: April 2016


Top 5 Wireframing Tools for Designers

Designing is not always about letting loose and allowing creativity to take over at every step. You would still need a clear guide that would point out which direction you should go – thus, the wireframe. What is a wireframe? Think of it as a blueprint that an architect lays out to guide everybody involved…

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6 Effective Tips to Maintain a Paperless Workplace

Many companies are focusing on going green. Many consumers want to do business with those who help conserve the environment, plus many green practices actually save money in the long run. One way a business can save money is by becoming a paperless workplace. There are a number of benefits to going paperless: There aren’t…

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Are You Reaching Your Potential as a Freelancer?

We hear a lot about potential and the ways to reach it. However, most people have no idea about the importance of it for a freelancer. In fact, reaching your potential as a freelancer is crucial as it affects your workflow, income, and well-being in total. Let's speak more about the freelance lifestyle. So, do…

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How to Be a Successful Web Designer

To choose a career in Web Design is to have one foot firmly in the present, with the other foot reaching out to touch the future. Web design is necessary for all personal, commercial and non-profit websites. How the public makes purchases and finds new information is directly related to how they interpret the design…

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