Month: April 2016


How to Start a Fashion Blog and Nail Your Blog Design

Turning a hobby into a paid job is every person’s dream. When fashion blogs started their livelihood on the web, they were exactly that – hobbies and homage to world class designers and fashion brands. So what has changed? First, the web has become overcrowded with such blogs. Second, fashion bloggers became more influential in…

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7 Top WordPress Tools for Email Marketing

Regardless of what side you come down on in the raging “Email is obsolete!” debate, it is still a great tool (and no longer exclusive to large businesses) to encourage engagement, promote products, increase sales, and keep the relationship alive. If done correctly, email marketing is extremely lucrative: Marketers: 89% say email is the primary channel…

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52 Free Flat Technology Icons

This week's freebie comes to us from Darius Dan. Darius is the mastermind behind Swifticons offers over 2,104 high quality icons covering 19 different categories. The same icon set comes in 4 unique styles: outlined, filled, colored and flat. Every single icon is built on a precise grid of 60px to guarantee sharpness and consistency. You can preview all…

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10 Deadly Mistakes All Entrepreneurs Must Avoid

The flow of monetary has become extremely intense forcing organizations to downsize their employees and in such circumstances, it will be quite a smart move to set up your own business rather than looking for keen occupations that you might never be able to discover. However, in a process to set up a new business,…

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How to Make Your Site User-friendly

We know how much time and effort you spend on trying to create a website that reflects the ethos of your brand and aims to connect with your audience. That’s why we want to make sure you are prioritizing the user experience when creating your website. A website can have all the right information, a…

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How to Find a Reliable Hosting Provider

These days, owning a website is critical for any business. Whatever product or service you provide, having an enterprise website, a blog, or an e-commerce website lets you target a broader market. And with today's technology-driven society, not having a website is a major disadvantage. Having said that, creating a simple website is not enough.…

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