Month: June 2016


How to Practice Proper Video Conferencing Etiquette

It’s awesome how technology has created ways to connect people without having to be in the same room. Not only is it more cost-effective, it also gives more people more access to opportunities that they never had before. Just imagine. You can be sitting on your own chair while doing business with somebody halfway across…

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Social Media

How To Manage Your Social Media With Hootsuite

With the amount of social channels for businesses to look after, social media management resources have grown to be very popular today. Hootsuite enables you to keep track and regulate your various social media channels. It helps you to keep an eye on what people say about your brand and allows you to respond promptly.…

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9 Ways to Prevent Getting Stiffed as a Freelancer

You just hustled to complete a project be the deadline that you’re given. You’re proud of the work and promptly send-out the invoice for your much-deserved compensation. As each day passes, you get more restless, irritated, stressed, and defeated. It’s probably one of the worst experiences that a freelancer can experience. Instead of letting that…

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Self Development

You’ve Been Inspired — Now What?

It’s happens to everyone: You attend a speech, read a book, or meet someone incredible, and find yourself inspired to do great things. You have the idea and the excitement, and feel energized . . . and then nothing happens. The idea might roll around in your head for a while, maybe even keep you…

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The Tasty June Design Bundle

A new month, means a brand new bundle from TheHungryJpeg. This month they’ve put together 34 incredible fonts plus 12 huge graphic packs loaded with extras that will make a nice addition to your inventory. All of this for a huge discount of 97% off the $942 retail value! This bundle is available only this month, so hurry…

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