Month: July 2016


Designing a Sports Website? Things You Should Know

There are more sport websites types than you think. They can focus on the latest sports news, information about sports, clubs, sportswear, or all of the above. It can also be an athlete’s or sports participant’s personal website. Understanding a website’s audience is important when designing a website, and understanding a sport’s websites audience is…

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How to Write an Excellent Product Description

Product descriptions are the heart of several online businesses. If you are selling something, you should never just copy and paste the manufacturer specs as they are usually too technical or unappealing. Your product description should, at least, achieve these goals below: Give to your potential customer the perfect idea of your product despite the…

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The Internet of Things to Come: How Nespresso, Apple, Nest Grind Out Predictability

Nespresso Let a Few Grounds Get Through its Filter In 2013, Euro Monitor published an article discussing the legal damages to Nespresso’s patent on the coffee capsules for their infamous line of class-leading coffee makers. This was a big deal considering that prior to their patent being legally breached, the company had exclusive rights to create the coffee capsules for their machines. There are…

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How To Write Engaging Content (And Get It Shared a LOT!)

Sometimes, you explore content simply because it’s gone viral. You’ve seen it on Facebook or you’ve gotten at least 10 links from friends. Take for example the top viral videos of 2014. Yes, cute animals and kids tend to have an advantage but people that focus on trendy topics or appeal to a particular audience can…

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Top 9 Free Apps for Busy Freelancers

What’s the biggest asset that any freelancer has? TIME. Freelancers become freelancers because they want something that regular employees do not normally have – a better handle of their time. They do not have to clock in regularly, they get to decide when to work on projects and when to sit back and relax. Why…

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Social Media

5 Golden Rules of Social Media Optimization

The world of digital marketing is filled with trendy terms and buzzwords; social media optimization (SMO) happens to be the latest. SMO is about implementing certain changes which can help optimize a website so that it is more visible in social media searches, more easily linked to and included in relevant blog posts. The methodology…

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How to Build an Effective Church Website

Today is the age when practically everything is digitized. All sorts of businesses, groups, and organizations use the Internet to amplify their services. It’s a great way to reach out to more people and to spread news and announcements faster. More importantly, the World Wide Web is the avenue where organizations can get the attention…

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