Month: August 2016


Localize Your Site and Win Big in Foreign Markets

Everyone is talking about globalization and how to reap its benefits. And they are right—entering a foreign market with care and awareness of local needs and customs can explode your business. But launch a half-assed localized site without sufficient preparation and it could hurt you more than it helps. I run LinguaLift, an online language…

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10 Ways to Keep Calm in Chaos

Chaos. Something that everyone tries to avoid with a passion, but inevitably it happens. There are always instances where chaos suddenly creeps up behind you. You may suddenly lose inspiration in the middle of the project, or a member of your team may commit a mistake that takes too much time to correct. You may also…

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Annual Report Design: Tips, Inspiration, & Resources

How do you think people feel when it’s time to give that annual report again? You’ll probably hear groans and moans all around, depending on their performance. Regardless of how people performed however, there is no stopping the fact that beautifully-designed annual reports can change the way people react to them. A few gasps and…

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What is Augmented Reality and How Can Businesses Benefit?

Augmented reality sounds like a term fit for science fiction, but it’s increasingly becoming a very frequent part of daily life. For a whole generation of younger people, “augmented reality” will forever align with Pokémon Go, currently the #1 mobile app in the world. Users of the app catch Pokémon as their avatar traverses across…

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