Month: August 2016


10 Tools that Can Free You from a Spell Check Problem

Have you ever thought that your word processor’s spell check function was working against you? It’s great when it corrects some silly misspellings you make, but sometimes it confuses you. You’re absolutely certain you need to use professors in the particular sentence, but the tool underlines that word as a problem and suggest professor’s as…

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20 Beautiful Watch Designs

For anyone who is completely oblivious to the huge effects of a timepiece, they may think that a watch is just a watch. It’s something that you use to tell the time, something that can be left at home and has lost its importance. After all, your phone can tell you what time it is.…

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How to Manage a Creative Team

Creatives aren’t like most people. As much as creatives talk about unequal treatment and different expectations, the truth is that creative professionals require a unique type of management to ensure they are as productive as possible. Left to their own devices, creatives can spend eons imagining ineffective albeit intriguing concepts, which means it takes a…

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9 Cheap & Creative Photography Hacks

We often assume that for better photos, we need the latest technology, which of course normally comes with a hefty price tag. However instead of forking out our hard earned cash for new camera accessories or software that allows us to create more interesting pieces, thanks to multiple filters or opportunities for different perspectives, why…

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