Month: September 2016


Are Slideshows Necessary for Landing Pages?

Landing pages are arguably among the most important parts of your website because if they aren’t compelling enough, people will just click to other places on the Internet rather than seeing what your particular page offers. Put simply, good landing pages should feature characteristics that grab interest. Maybe that means listing the logos of big-name…

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How to Prevent Shopping Cart Abandonment

It happens even to the most addicted shopaholics online. They pick out the good stuff, add it to their carts, browse for more items, and in the middle of it all, suddenly decide to abandon their shopping carts. Such is the dilemma of e-commerce businesses that strive to reel potential customer in, only to lose…

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5 Signs It’s Time For A Freelancer To Fire A Client

No freelancer wants to fire a client. For most of us, a client represents a considerable investment of time in promotion, marketing, and relationship-building. Keeping an existing client is more cost-effective than finding new clients to fill the gap. But, sometimes, client relationships are simply broken. Either they’re taking up too much time for too…

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Top 6 Best Platforms for Digital Storytellers

The art of storytelling has been around since the dawn of time. Our ancestors used it to preserve history; sometimes even drawing images on cave walls and rocks to support their narratives. Kids before grew up telling stories around the campfire, their eyes reflecting the joy and wonder at new chronicles heard over roasted marshmallows.…

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