Month: January 2017


5 Great Leadership Skills You Should Develop

The workplace today is vastly different from that of even just a decade ago - never mind the workplace of 25 or 30 years ago. And yet so many leaders are still leading the same way that they did in the past. The problem? Leadership skills aren’t stagnant. Not only are the demographics of the…

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Inspirational Short Quotes

60 Thought Provoking Quotes To Inspire You

Inspirational quotes are thought-provoking, awe-inspiring, and uplifting little nuggets to inspire, help or nudge you towards positivity. Inspiring quotes are also a part of any kind of speech or motivational content. They make the delivery more potent and dense because of their central thought and power of persuasion. There are different kinds of inspirational quotes.…

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30 Free Vintage Fonts for Design Entrepreneurs

Vintage. You may have different reactions to the word. Some may think old and outdated, while others could interpret the word as classic and elegant. But when it comes to design, there is no doubt that vintage is a good thing. After all, no matter how long these time-tested elements have been around, they are…

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30 Precious Carl Sagan Quotes about the Cosmos

Around the 70’s and 80’s, the world was still in the process of discovering a lot of the things we now know to be true. It was a completely different era, a time when a lot of things still seemed impossible. This is why the astronomer Carl Sagan made such a huge impact in the…

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Free 3d Fonts

10 Best Free 3D Fonts Available Online

Hello, my aim today is to provide you with high quality 3D fonts that you can use for future design projects. There are tons of options out there, but I believe I collected the some golden gems for you to take advantage of. Each download link leads to the download page of the freebie. I hope you…

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New Year Resolution Ideas
Self Development

Top 50 Habits You Should Break in 2017

Do you feel like time is passing by too fast and you don’t have anything to show for it? Do you feel like you are not doing some thing right, yet you can't really put your finger on it? It's like there is something holding you back from achieving your dreams? You are not alone. I know I…

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