Month: June 2017

How to Bypass DVD Region Restriction-min

How to Bypass DVD Region Restriction

When you’re geared up to enjoy and have a magnificent time as you cozy up and watch a new movie at home, all you want is for the original DVD you’ve purchased to work. More often than not, this happens...

7 Tools to Help You Improve Your Writing Skills

7 Tools to Help You Improve Your Writing Skills

For some, writing is second nature to them. They can conjure the right words that correctly convey the thoughts in their hands. They can weave a compelling narrative that ends in a thrilling climax. They don't need the inspiration to...

Chalkboard typeface is great for logo, cards, signs, apparel, stationery, magazines and quotes.

15 Charming Chalkboard Fonts for Your Next Project

This is a given – every designer should have go-to fonts, especially when it comes to themes commonly used. I’m not saying you should be using a single font for everything you design. But you should have a default font...