Month: July 2017

4 Freelancer Tips to Get Paid Quickly

4 Tips to Get Paid Quickly as a Freelancer

Most freelancers and entrepreneurs chose their specific fields because they love what they do. But no matter how much you love your job, you still do it because you get paid for it. As a freelancer, your income stream may not be as steady and predictable as those with more typical, salaried careers working for…

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Paper vs Tablet Which is Easier to Draw On?

Paper vs Tablet: Which is Easier to Draw On?

When it comes to drawing and designing, bringing your own concepts and ideas into reality and expressing yourself, there are two main solutions. You can either keep it oldschool or draw using pen and paper, or you can come into the new age and use a graphic tablet, a computer and a stylus. There are…

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Beginning Graphic Design Typography

Easy Typography Basics for Beginners and Designers [VIDEO]

Learning about typography shouldn’t be complicated. In this 6-minute clip, shows you the basics, easy do’s and don’ts, as well as a couple of tips even pros will appreciate. Understanding why typography matters can help you in many cases (such as creating better presentations) – even if you’re not a designer. When it comes…

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154 Must-Read WordPress Resources to Build a Killer Website

154+ Must-Read WordPress Resources to Build a Killer Website

People who create websites for their business, nonprofit organization, or for personal use will want a site that people will want to visit constantly. For starters, it's better to stick with the best. WordPress always gets the most vote for being the first choice for a website platform. Because of this, some websites create countless…

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