Month: October 2017

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Should I Include My Social Media Profiles in My Marketing?

In the age of ever present social media, engaging, shareable and scannable promotional items are key to marketing success. With billions of active social network users worldwide, it is vital that your existing and potential customers know all the places where they can interact with your brand on the internet. Placing Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube…

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Mahatma Gandhi Quotes
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30 Mahatma Gandhi Quotes on Becoming The Change

Mahatma Gandhi is perhaps one of the most unforgettable people in history who have used nonviolence to fight for freedom. As the leading figure in India’s independence movement, Gandhi not only left teachings of love, he also influenced many modern thinkers, philosophers, students, and creative people worldwide. Long after Gandhi has passed from this earth,…

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How to Protect Your Attention
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How to Protect Your Attention

In our oversaturated media landscape, there’s a lot of dangers lurking out there, waiting to rob you of your attention. So how do you go about protecting this most precious resource? In a world of spam emails, pointless Facebook notifications, and Donald Trump’s Tweets, how can you keep your focus on those things that are…

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Halloween Quotes
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88 Spooky Halloween Quotes and Sayings

Halloween’s celebrated costume parties and trick and treating traditions are relatively young. They only date back a century or so. However, Halloween superstitions started thousands of years ago through the Celtic Samhain – a festival in autumn where people believed the dead could revisit the earth. Most of today’s spooky Halloween traditions came from these…

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4 Easy Fixes To Improve Signal Strength In Your Building

If we ask the question, “what is the one thing that you carry everywhere?” then the most likely answer would be a cell phone. It’s no surprise, considering a massive 95 percent of people in America own at least one. The cell phone isn’t just for phone calls and texts. It’s essential for work and…

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