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With the new release of Facebook pages many people are getting very creative with their own profile pictures. French artist Alexandre Oudin (#8 below) is the one responsible for this awesome creativity. Today we will showcase some creative profile page designs for you to get inspired, and hopefully make your very own.

If you dont wish to mess around and try to figure out this hack yourself, we have included a useful tutorial by photographer Florian Stravock( Youtube video below). You can download the Photoshop document used in the video here. However if you are like me and are very lazy, check out this image tool created by TechCrunch reader Trevor Farbo. This tool is named Piccut, it will allow you to upload a desired image that you would like to use for your profile picture. Once uploaded to Piccut, the software will then cut it into correct pieces that you will upload in order to Facebook and achieve this task.

Here are a few other tools that emerged from this phenomenon: (same tool as Piccut) (a Facebook app that does this automatically for you without having to upload pictures manually)

1) Take a screenshot of your new Facebook profile page.

2) Create a new Photoshop doc of your current screen size.

3) Grab the Slice tool (same family as the Crop tool) and select around the pictures.

4) With the Marquee tool, select around the sliced areas.

5) Bring the image that you want on Facebook into Photoshop and position it roughly the way you want it.

6) Drag the image layer under the Facebook layer and refine your positioning.

7) Go to “File,” select “Save for web and devices,” select all your document area, click “Jpeg, set the quality to 100% and save. Under slices select “All user slices.”

8) Upload your pictures to Facebook and tag them from last to first. When you get to the first picture click “Make this my profile picture.”

We also found this amazing video, showcasing  amazing use of Facebook profile hacking!

1. Chris Williams

2. Jon Yang

3. Lexy Page

4. Jayden Tan

5. Antony Legrand

6. Thibaut Le Brasseur

7. Adz Zafe

8. Alexandre Oudin

9. Cedric Belconde

10. Ouri Stopek

11. Rob McCann

12. Murtadi Khan

13. Chris

14. Tamara Lynn Luke-Kwan

15. Nicolas Pittet

16. John Danger Burrows

17. Lior Grossman

18. Jonathan O’Brien

19. (Don’t know the owner, but we thought it was creative!)

20. Jason

21. Katie Sokoer

22. Luke Kingma

23. Cyril Boggs Serrano

24. Marc Laurent Atthalin

25. Airport Nürnberg

Do you know of any other creative Facebook profile pages, or have you made your own? If so, please comment below and provide us with a link. If we find it inspiring we will gladly add it to this list!

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Posted by Igor Ovsyannykov

I'm a digital nomad and entrepreneur bouncing around South East Asia. When I'm not working here, I'm out taking photos. Follow me on Instagram: @igorovsyannykov


  1. Genius! Might try some myself!

  2. You can simplify the cropping with , it’s a online cropping tool for your new Facebook Panorama Profile 😉

  3. This is very creative! I want to know who first did this ha. @Gregor, thanks for the link. If I think of something creative, I just might have to do this.

  4. You could have loads of fun with this. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I believe Alexandre Oudin is who started this craze, and the intensity of his portrait still elevates it above other, more complex ideas. That said, I LOVE the idea in the video!!

  6. I made a videogame-inspired facebook profile panorama:

  7. Here are even more examples – check out this photo gallery

  8. I did it too! before I knew about this guys hahahaha

    I also created a tutorial in spanish.

    check it out!

  9. Another app which cuts out ánd uploads your pictures automatically to your Facebook profile is . Saves a lot of time. And if you don’t want it to post any wall messages, just uncheck the checkbox in de last step 🙂

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  11. This is mine 🙂 Nothing special but take a look 🙂

  12. Wow Lovely 🙂 Even I tried that and also wrote about it in my blog. 🙂

  13. Great post !! Thanks for sharing with us !
    Please, check out this Facebook Custom Profile from a Web Design Agency:

  14. I love this! Check out mine, too, if you like (since other ppl are posting their cool creative stuff)

  15. I had no idea any of this was possible until I saw your tweet to this blog page – amazing – now all I need is some spare time 😉
    Thanks for sharing!

  16. I found a facebook Application that does it Automatically :
    I like it coz it is build in Flash…

  17. I made one myself as well!

    If it doesn’t show up properly, here’s a screenshot:

  18. Nice profile, nice.
    Tnx for sharing and for video tutorial 🙂

  19. Here’s my profile…nothing special thou…I’m always changing it 😉

    But as the profile is private you can see it here:

  20. my photos are not coming up in the correct order on the the bar. What have I done wrong?

  21. skyinthesea_duc April 9, 2011 at 5:55 am

    I made one myself a month ago, just to celebrate my own birthday hah. check it out

  22. Uhm?
    I see 25 the same facebook pages…

  23. check my Fb,

    but I’m still confused about the size of the picture, how do you think ??

  24. i also have my facebook profile page like this…
    i want to add my profile in these profile pic’s.

  25. hiii,
    please check-out this one
    i also want share my page like others
    i will thankful to you ….!!

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