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Some say money can’t buy you happiness, but there is a loophole. What if you spend money to help somebody? In you return you would be doing a good deed, and if you do believe in karma, you will sleep better at night. Knowing that you helped another soul for the better is probably on of the best feelings in the world. Recently I’ve watched many TED videos about happiness.

After seeing many successful people who gained great wealth were still unhappy, I began to think why? Now that you have money, you can buy that shiny new car or the home of your dreams right? Well, that kind of thinking may seem true, but in reality is more complex. After the success of Microsoft, Bill Gates was the richest man in the world. He could literally buy a small country if he wanted.

With such opportunity, he realized that he should help others. Now, most of his time is dedicated to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The lesson you should take away is this: Helping others when given the opportunity should be automatic for you. I completely understand that the economy is bad, I have many friends that are struggling to get by. If you cannot donate money, maybe you can donate your time on the Weekends?

Today I would like to discuss the importance of design in charity websites. If you are a charity organization, having a good looking website should be a priority. A poorly designed site could scare away contributions. You main goal is to help the needy, not to fail them… If you’re an organization, I strongly suggest hiring a professional designer. Going the extra mile will help you in the long run, and who know, maybe they would be willing to give you a discount based on your situation.

Designers are not animals, they are human beings. Helping a nonprofit is a heart warming feeling that they would be glad to fulfill! Targeting the donors and volunteers with simple colors, fonts, graphical elements, and navigation will increase usability. The following web designs serve as great examples of what to do!

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Rice Bowls

Slavery Footprint

Give Beyond Me


Hello Somebody

Change Nation

War Child

Gale Recovery

The Boring Machine



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