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When you write a blog post, you do so with the intention that people will read it, and the content is geared toward getting the most readership. A drop in traffic is something that can be disheartening, but it might not be your work, but other factors that are contributing to that drop. What can you do to try to regain your traffic?

Check Your Page Ranking

Google Panda has been throwing a lot of websites for a loop the past 10 months or so. Google is trying to push up high quality sites while downgrading sites that don’t add anything much when it comes to quality content. The problem with Panda is that there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of guidance as to why a certain site may drop in the rankings, or why a certain site does well when similar sites do poorly.

A good way to stay in the loop is to communicate with Google, or try to find out from other sources how a Panda event may effect your site. Once you gather up as much data as possible, you can start to redesign your site to help meet expectations and get your readers back.

Maybe Your Content Isn’t Good Enough

It could be a Google problem, or it could be that your content isn’t up to the standards your readers have set for you. Perhaps you spend too much time giving opinions instead of facts, or you talk about the same subjects over and over again.

The key here is to talk to your readers and see what they would like you to be writing about. Taking input from readers could help you to get back up to the standard that your work has set in the past and get your readers back.

If you have a social media presence, and you should, consider polling your followers to see what you could be doing better. Even if your content is still good, check to see what keywords you are using and if you can optimize your content to attract readers with better keywords and phrases.

Make Sure Everything Works Right

Go through your process and make sure that nothing is going wrong from the time you write a post, submit a post and then have that post be indexed by the search engines. It could very well be that your posts are not being posted when they say they are, or your load time has increased. The longer it takes a post to load, the less traffic you will attract.

Check to see if your links are broken, or if links that are being Tweeted are actually getting the reader to your work. There are a million different things that could be going wrong from a technical standpoint, but you won’t know unless you run some tests and ask your readers about it.

Another possibility is that your posts are not getting indexed as quickly as they once were. This could explain a drop in traffic, so Google your own work every so often to see if you can actually find it. Just remember that this would be different than being ranked lower due to Panda because if your work is not even indexed, no one can see it at all.

Test everything to make sure it works right, check to see if your work has been indexed, and communicate with your readers, and with Google, if there are ever any issues you cannot resolve.

Internet traffic can be a funny thing sometimes. You might find that you are getting thousands of page views on Monday, but Tuesday results in just a trickle of traffic. You might feel compelled to give up, or to assume that your work isn’t up to par anymore, but that might only explain part of the issue. If your traffic drops, there are many possible explanations and many ways to try and rectify your traffic woes.

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