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After a full month of countless meetings and looming deadlines I felt compelled to ask myself is all this really getting me where I want to be? I immediately without any real introspection answered my question with a resounding yes. As with most things in my life nothing is that black and white so I decided to give it some more thought. I came to the conclusion that all things good and bad are relevant to your success but, if one wants to move ahead in life they must change their perspective immediately and take certain steps that propel them to the success they desire. Within this post I will briefly describe some specific action steps and mindset you should adopt to achieve your goals.

Get of the path of least resistance

Too many of us do what comes easy and seldom challenge conventional knowledge. It goes without saying that following a traditional approach that is tried and proven for success can help you achieve your goals but, if your wish is to be more than good you must forego most pre-existing knowledge and tread new waters. The first step of getting of the path of least resistance is to admit that you are own it (simple isn’t it!). Secondly analyze how successful people within your industry have achieved success.

Knowing how these people achieved their goals will help you set a standard and then and only then you can work toward true differentiation and finally escaping the competitive herd. Finally read outside your field. I notice many designers pick up books that only relate to design; if you want to have a renewed perspective on your profession and use various approaches to achieve the success you want to make a decision now to pick up books outside your field. Human beings are wired to do what comes easy but, easy doesn’t help you help you achieve your highest goals hard work and constant deviation from the norm will enable you to achieve whatever you desire.

The goodness in life go to those who believe

What is your dream? Do you truly believe that you can accomplish that dream? If you can answer the first question great if you answered the second question with a half assed response not so great. Life does not reward those who are timid with their beliefs. Sure you do not have all the time on your hands and you need more money to get some projects off the “planning phase”. No matter your present condition you must wholeheartedly believe in yourself and your dream. There are countless examples of men and women who have faced and overcame obstacles (real obstacles). It amazes me what people complain about these days, most are not valid excuses but mere laziness and lack of due diligence. Whatever your ambition, dream or goals are unremitting belief in that dream as well as yourself is a key component to success.

With great risk comes great rewards

Decide today not tomorrow or a week later but, today to do something risky that will put you in an uncomfortable position. This might be showing up to a prospective client who has not returned your phone call with your portfolio or creating a project that is dear to your heart and putting it out for the world to see. If you develop the habit to do what others would not dare to do I can guarantee you will reap the rewards and once this habit is ingrained in your life obstacles will become less challenging.

Final thoughts: One of my favorite hip-hop artist Mos Def has a saying “they tell you can’t, you shouldn’t, you won’t Tell ’em this: There is a way! Peace beautiful people.We would love to hear your opinion and feedback, so please don’t hesitate to comment below. For more inspirational articles like this please don’t forget to subscribe to the RSS-feed and follow Inspirationfeed on TwitterFacebook! If you enjoyed the following article we humbly ask you to comment, and help us spread the word!

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Isaiah Frazier is a freelance Brand Identity Designer that creates websites, logos and creative campaigns for companies of all sizes. Check out his online portfolio

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  1. Outstanding post! I really loved it!

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