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Thinking differently is what creatives do on the regular. Most of the time schools teach us to think and act based on society’s standards. But the brave ones who dare to think differently usually change our aspect. That exact concept furthermore applies to design. Design in general is huge, but for the moment lets narrow it down to industrial furniture design.

If given the opportunity, how would you create a bench? You first action might be cutting out a wooden rectangle and adding some legs to it.  If you are thinking like an Average Joe, you are not inventive. Creativity has no limits and thinking outside the box will deliver success. Functionality over art might control the outcome of any design. However if you work hard at it you can create a state-of-the-art design that comforts others.

In today’s case most of the benches listed below took the artistic route. We have managed to find incredible bench designs that range from creative all the way to crazy! The following benches use materials like steel, wood, concrete, and even soil. I’m not going to lie, this article took me a while to put together. To be honest I’ve probably seen over 1000 different bench designs and have managed to manually track down the best ones. I hope you will enjoy this collection and share it with your peers!

1. Kit Kat

2. Bench In Highline Park

3. The Log Chop Bench

4. Peeled Pavement Bench

5. Why Knot Bench – Kino Guerin

6. Spacewhip Bench

7. Floating Seat Bench “Flare”

8. Modern Bench Seating

9. Twitter Bench Concept

10. Urban Bench | BMW Designworks

11. Romeo and Juliet Bench by Vyvey

12. Spaghetti Bench

13. Urban Bench with a Planter by Juampi Sammartino

14. Sudeley Bench

15. Outdoor Bench

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Posted by Igor Ovsyannykov

I'm a digital nomad and entrepreneur bouncing around South East Asia. When I'm not working here, I'm out taking photos. Follow me on Instagram: @igorovsyannykov


  1. Mind blowing benches, looks creative and idea for these design is at its best. Thanks for the collections.

  2. so inspiring. thank you for sharing

  3. some fanatically creative designs, some are just mind blowing some i would love to have in my home others would just make me smile when ever i saw them, Love the pealed pavement just for the idea of it but would love to look at the amada bench from different angle and it just makes me want to touch it and run my fingers along its curves. i can imaging sitting in front of the wall tree fireplace on a cold night. just so may and so varied designs love it

  4. Wow some pretty cool ones. The Kitkat 🙂
    The peeled, the liquid, and many more. very creative

  5. Cool stuff and great designs.

  6. Design is sometimes what makes this world of ours go round.
    This is great stuff, design wise.

  7. check out this one!

    looks perfect to me 😉

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