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The “Fail Whale” is a graphic of a whale held up by a flock of birds showcased when Twitter is experiencing Overload. While being scary at times(just kidding), the Fail Whale is surprisingly a vibrant topic within the Twitter community. Twitter’s inability to stay upfloat has managed to spin off and create a nature of its own. We have all* experienced it ones, twice, or maybe a multiple amount of times. In case you are wondering the Fail Whale was created by Yiying Lu, a Chinese illustrator.

Twitter used to be down commonly in it’s early years, now they have a much bigger datacenter (and not to mention funding.) So things like downtime are less likely to happen. The fan base of the Fail Whale has grown tremendously, especially in the design community. What better was to commemorate the Fail Whale than creating an article! We hope this collection inspires designers, as well as casual browsers.

Note: All of the images are linked to their original source.

Team Coco 404 Error Page

Fail Whale Illustration by David Pache

The Adventures of Fail Whale

Failed Whale

Twitter Fail Whale Hat

Fail Whale Poster by Dave Mott

Homer the New Fail Whale

BP Killed Twitter Whale

Fail Whale Painting

Fail Birds by jimiyo

We Can’t Fail

The Fail Whale Background by Rosaura Ochoa

Fail Whale and Tumbeast Collide

Fail Whale Pale Ale

The drunk FAIL whale

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