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Churches these days are catching up to the latest trends. You can see their effort through website designs. To look professional and hip is not easy, but we have managed to find some amazing churches who spread the good word and look great doing it. It’s amazing to see how many church websites have started up within the past few years. Here are some beautifully build holy websites! We would love to hear your thoughts and more websites, so please comment below.

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1. Churchmedia

2. Cotr

3. Edgepointchurch

4. Kingsfieldchurch

5. Gladtidingsomaha

6. Standrewsmtairy

7. Sojournchurch

8. Valleycreek

9. Kaleochurch

10. Parkcommunitychurch

11. Betheltemple

12. Trinitybirmingham

13. Fourthavenuechurch

14. Rccjax

15. Mynorthside

16. Cirkevviery

17. Mscwired

18. Citychurch

19. Yourchurch

20. Generationchurch

21. Idlewildchurch

22. Headhearthand

23. Awordfromhisword

24. Brainerdbaptist

25. Churchon99

26. Livinghopeineugene

27. Gcomchurch

28. Shandonpres

29. Bethelofhouston

30. Canyoncreekonline

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Posted by Igor Ovsyannykov

I'm a digital nomad and entrepreneur bouncing around South East Asia. When I'm not working here, I'm out taking photos. Follow me on Instagram: @igorovsyannykov


  1. That’s awesome! Gorgeous collection of sites. I just finished designing a church website: – and this is making me want to do it again! Very inspirational indeed.

  2. Thanks for this list of inspiration. Did you check Saddleback Church and , too? Awesome design and user experience. It’s interesting to observe that most of them use quite the same set up or type of layout. Or it might be the trend for most websites… Anyway, thanks for inspiration.

  3. My name is Alves. Please change.

  4. Sounds great, this is what the website was made for. I’m makes me feel great when i know helped somebody, or showed them something new. More new content is coming so stay tuned!

  5. Wow, no i missed that one, that looks amazing! I just bookmarked it and use it in the future, thank you!

  6. Amazing idea!

    Check out this one:

    bless ya

  7. I think they’re very nice sites, but they could be about anything.

    I don’t really get “religion” from them.

  8. Well they are religion based, so if you are designing for a church you have some awesome examples to get inspired from.

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  10. only in america 😉 gotta keep on up to date with spreading the delusion. i notice, if not all, are christian websites. either way – religion is bad whether they draw you in with nice colors/fonts or not.

  11. @LOZ: this site is about design, not religion, so try to keep it that way. If you love design, get in here, and comment about it. If not, keep your thoughts for yourself.
    And one more thing: true christianity is not religion (if you noticed, one of the sites says “RELIGION FREE”). Religion is human efforts to win God’s favor, and true christianity will teach you that there is nothing you can do to do that. Religion is bad, I agree with you. But the Bible does not teach religion, it teaches about a personal relationship with your Creator.

    Last: Great sites!!! I will definitely visit this post a lot looking for inspiration. Design in general in the christian medium has grown a lot during the past few years, and these sites clearly show that.


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