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Everybody would be aware about Hollywood but there a less people in this world who know about Bollywood as compared to Hollywood. Let me have the pleasure to introduce you with Bollywood: Bollywood is the informal term popularly used for the Hindi-language film industry based in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. The term is often incorrectly used to refer to the whole of Indian cinema; it is only a part of the total Indian film industry, which includes several regional film industries sorted by language. Bollywood is the largest film producer in India and one of the largest centres of film production in the world. Fourteen million Indians go to the movies on a daily basis (about 1.4% of the population of 1 billion) and pay the equivalent to the average Indian’s day’s wages (US $1-3) to see any of the over 800 films churned out by Bollywood each year. That’s more than double the number of feature films produced in the United States.

Now every one of you can imagine how hard it is to select 30 movie posters out of several movies produced every year in Bollywood. I have tried to get the best out of all, still there is large number of movies which I have left right now but I wish I will cover them in future.

I hope you all will enjoy watching these posters, different from the ones you usually get to see around you.

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Posted by Niteesh Yadav

Niteesh Yadav is a creative person and he likes sketching and designing. He is a self taught graphic designer, illustrator and a sketch artist. Currently I am pursuing B.Tech in Mechanical engineering.


  1. gud job Niteesh…

  2. hey nitesh you are a good graphic designer
    pls, give me tips for being a good graphic deaigner like film poster which software i have need to became a good graphic designer
    regards shad ali 8860154210

  3. Shad Thanks for your appreciation!
    If you want to be a good graphic designer then start working on it with the help of tutorials present on the internet and buy some good books to go through basic concepts of designing, you can find much more detailed information here
    About software: the best available option is Adobe Photoshop CS5 or its free alternative GIMP.

  4. Decent collection but I think older movies posters could have done more justice, these are relatively new ones and many of them are not right up there.

  5. i need to buy some poster?????

  6. i am looking to buy some poster ??

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