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A lot of people just chug their beer right up without even giving the bottle or can so much as a glance. That’s not surprising though, especially for beer lovers out there. After all, a bottle of ice cold beer after a long day could be a most welcome sight. However, this also makes them miss out on the hidden gem found right on that bottle. Because today, beer bottles do not only have amazing brews inside it, they actually carry amazing art around it as well.

The Art of Making Beer Labels

Beer labels have actually gone a long way, especially with the number of home breweries springing out like mushrooms. Craft beer introduces so many new aspects to the brewery industry, and beer-making is not the only thing that’s drawing the crowds in. The fact is, they know that they have to bring so much more to the table to be able to compete not only with the big names like Corona or Budweiser, they also have to create the kind of appeal that would attract people by the droves.

This is where the art of making beer labels come in.

Yes, the creation of beer labels has actually become a modern art form. From the most colorful to the classic, vintage-looking designs, beer labels have gathered quite a group of followers as well. Where beer drinkers just proceed in consuming whatever remains in each bottle, beer label enthusiasts don’t even need to drink its contents to see how much a beer bottle is truly worth. It is seen in the way the label stands out, whether it is done through intricate typography, interesting graphics, or powerful color contrasts.

The Most Charming Vintage Beer Label Designs

Dig into the world of a new breed of art as you look at the different beer labels to be presented to you from all over the world. This is not just something that beer drinkers and art lovers would understand – this is something that goes beyond a specific group or interest base. This is something that can make you go oooh and aaah even if you have no previous knowledge of such an art form or do not really have the tendency to drink beer. This is something completely new that you will actually start to wonder why you never really noticed these designs before.

Here they are, folks. Beer bottles from all over turned into vintage-themed pieces of art:

Wayne Beer Alt Pilsner Type

Royal Bru High Profile Beer Can from Union Brewing Company

Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer

Fox Head Beer

Simple Beer




Bulls Eye

El Rancho





Mountain Brew

Budweiser Princeton Class

Budweiser Princeton Class


Bests Hapsburg


Hulls Cream Ale


Aero Club

Adler Brau




102 Pale Dry Brew

Old Fashioned Premium

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